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  1. Thanks this is amazing, I have searched high and low for this, hopefully the DVLA will hake sense of it and give me a V55, much obliged Michael. PS If this rally car gets to run in the forest or tarmac (Covid permitting) I would gladly run with SIDC UK stickers in appreciation.
  2. Hello people, I have recently imported a '91 Legacy RS Turbo to the UK and am having a hard time with the DVLA as it doesn't have a VIN plate. Plus other issues! This car was originally imported from Japan to Australia for rally/race use only in 1999. It has never had a VIN plate, nor a manufacture date, or was given what is called an ADR (Aust design rules) plate. Even the indentations at the top of the struts are undrilled. So it seems it does not officially exist! I read that Japanese cars (at least back then) didn't have VIN plates, they were only issued for cars for export?
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