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  1. Good Morning The Don, Thank you for your reply which clears a lot of things up. I didn't even know that there was a manul for the keypad and the alarm system. Aah well, that's another couple of brain cells made useful. All is well that ends well. Cheers
  2. Hello The Don, Thank you very much for your reply and very interesting links. The reason I was enquiring about PINs is that I have purchased a 2nd hand Subaru Forester. After about a week, I used the key instead of the fob to open the driver's door and unwittingly set of the alarm siren. This, of course, immobilised the vehicle. Now all I get is the siren all the time. I cannot stop it. Someone told me that if I enter the PIN into the keypad the alarm will stop! I will try everything. Cheers🤓
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