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  1. Right, so use the plates from the Scoobysport lights and modify the JC Rally Giants. It does not say how bright these are, how many watts are the bulbs? Do the bulbs last a long time, and same with the actual light case? Bulb tech has come a long way and LED could provide great results but last a lot longer as far less heat? The SS ones were very bright, although as mentioned bulbs lasted 5 mins and so did the metal case.
  2. Thanks Don. I am not particularly electrically minded, I wonder if the Rally Giants would just replace the Scooby Sport ones and use the same wiring? And I'm also not sure how I'd fit them?
  3. I have a 98 Turbo in silver that I bought from new from Quenbies. Anyway, I’ve still got my 98 Turbo in a garage and am about to get it back on the road after some years of it sitting under a cover. I exchanged the fog lamps for the Scooby Sport driving light conversion, however these have rotted though, and need replacing. I have searched the internet, but can’t find anything to put in their place, it seems Scooby Sport only make exhausts now? I wonder if one of you guys might know or could point in the direction of someone who might know what alternatives there are, and I would prefe
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