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  1. does your engine symbol amber fault light go on when ignition is switch on, then go off once starts up? ——— Yes, engine light comes on then goes off as it should did it do this from day you bought it? ———yes it has done have you fitted exhuast or induction to it? ——— the car has an exhaust, front mount Intercooler, “induction kit”, silicone hoses has the car been remapped? not sure if that year can be!! ——— from research it appears it CAN be remappped but I don’t believe it has been have you any fault ECU codes? ——— had a MAF fault code, new GENUINE MAF fitted a
  2. Good evening, I have recently purchased an Impreza STI V5 but it has some running issues. Hot or cold it appears to be running on number 1+3 cylinders on low rpm, if you rev through this then it seems to “clear” whilst the revs are high. It does splutter getting up there though. I have tried new plugs, new HT leads, new MAF and new coil. I have compression tested and all seems fine. any ideas? cheers
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