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  1. Hi Will, that was you in the forester I assume and that looked bloody good coming the other way 👌 May see you around again then as I don’t mind a drive along the coast on a nice day
  2. Hi there from another Sussex scoob owner, I’m Bexhill and also agree type-ra will give you an answer to all interests in no time 👍
  3. Hi all, I’ve had my blob for 5-6 weeks or so and it has an SIDC sticker in the back window and wondered if a recent owner or from a long time ago and always nice to know a bit of history of a car. The bloke I bought it from was from Leicester way but didn’t have it long as it was a forced sale due to redundancy but said he bought it off a bloke from Leeds way I think and did a deal with a mustang
  4. These are the most recent of my 03 WRX and I’m sure the rest of the nation have been doing the same with all the time and lovely sunshine we have at the moment, just a shame I can’t take it out for a good run while the roads are so quiet!
  5. Thank you and exactly that, can’t wait to find a tunnel soon haha
  6. Hey SIDC, picked up my first Subaru Tuesday after years of thinking should I or shouldn’t I! Got an 03 wrx and it’s been great fun already and by weds lunchtime I’d picked up a back box and got it on so it rumbles properly 👍 Matt
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