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  1. Yes had some 17" bk299s gold and silver on a type r and full decal kit, it, looked absolutely brilliant and stood out from the rest but that was 15 year ago and there's all sorts knocking about now from matt black to rainbow bright and a good looking rally spec to volkswagen silly spread tyres and grounded which I think ruins them but that's my opinion 👍
  2. Hi all, new to the club but on the subaru scene since my first 98 impreza turbo 2000 in 2001which I wrote off 😂😂, was run off the road by a truck, hands up that's the truth 🤷‍♂️, had many since and even ventured onto the dark side once "evo6" everybody makes mistakes lol, OK, I own a 98 Terzo #102 and my son has a WR1 can't remember his number My terzo is currently off the road but looking to bring it back to life, only parked it up because needed a new car for new job commuting, but I'm collecting items to restore to some sort of glory, I'm not rich by any means so it's a painstaking process, I have the clutch and rear crank seal to do and full service before she is fit for basic duty and then I can progress from there, I know there are people that say keep it standard and those that say do it up, I do see the standard theory but it's not really my cup of tea which is why I want some parts and was hoping this is a good place to start, on my first impreza I had a full cat back magnex 6x4 oval exhaust fitted and had many since but I always thought it was the best sounding sensible noisy exhaust and would like to get my hands on one again for my terzo as the standard exhaust are rubbish and it's in poor condition so if anybody can help it would be appreciated, look forward to hearing from and in the future maybe meeting some of you, thanks Wardy 👍
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