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  1. Thanks Tony, sound advice no doubt.👍 I’m still looking.....so, you have a type 25? how is that? cheers
  2. Hi folks, I'm looking to invest in an Impreza to replace my recently sold MK1 Golf GTI as an occasional (sunny Sunday drive). I have a budget of £15k (possibly a little more) and intend to keep the car long term. I've previously owned and ran daily a blob STI UK (2003 model) and an RB320. I sold the the blob STI in 2009 and the RB in 2012. Doing some research, the 2.5 sounds problematic (potentially) and I want to be in the lower tax band, so I've pretty much ruled out another RB, or UK hawkeye for those reasons......I've narrowed my search to JDM hawk or spec C due to having the 2.0, the lower tax and seem to be corrosion free compared to STI UK models.....looking for some expert opinion on what models are available and thought what better place to come than SIDC? Apreacite your comments folks 👍
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