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  1. Yo. What's happening!? SF.org is ok, but very little seems to happen in the Europe section... Looks great in Black. I think your choice of wheels really shows off the brembos. I've always felt the OEM high silver of the wheels kind of masks the gold brembos. But then once clean the wheels do look good. Not at all. I'd be well up for a revisit to the skid pan, but this time I'll wear the right shoes and not big hoofing Timberland's so I can feel the pedals and modulate the throttle better. It was rather a mash foot on or off affair...
  2. How's the doggo going to be installed...? 😁 That's some impressive welding on the pipework.
  3. Hi Will. Yes it was the most beautiful oil slick I'd seen. I've been wanting to get a rear brace for mine but alias I'm a long way short of the 60pm club.... It's amazing how different yours looks on the OZ wheels in black....
  4. Greetings and salutations everyone. Hope you are well. I thought I'd come and say hey after someone on the Foresters owners club suggested. I did once own one of the last Classic Impreza wagons, but that car meet with an untimely end when someone decided not to stop on the dual carriageway when the traffic stopped. I loved that car as I had a full decat prodrive WR sport exhaust on it. It cost me a frankly unbelievable £74 pounds back in 2011. I had also bolted a new age intercooler on it and changed the interior to a full on leather one from a breakers. As you can tell I love the idea of fast wagon. I've got a Blue FSTI that I've had for the past three years. It's in a mild state of tune compared to other owners that frequent here. Looking at you @Lockheed Some Mods include: BC racing coilovers Heyward and Scott 2.5 inch cat back exhaust K&N panel filter Prodrive RB320 rear ARB Whiteline rear subframe lock out bolts Whiteline tough rear ARB mounts Things to do as funds allow me to are fuel pump and remap to get the best of what is there. Here is a pic of it taken on the skid pan at Decembers Pistonheads Sunday service at Thruxton. Hoping to meet some of you at some gatherings or drives out. Will mentioned Rally day....I'll look into this shortly. Thanks. Supa
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