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  1. How you doing t5nyw? Yeah just got my scooby from s&s last month, I’ve always wanted one for years, I wanted an Impreza WRX STI but then the WRX STI I’ve got is awesome, I love it, yeah mate, used to live in Kilmarnock but staying in Ayr now, what about you? Where are you from mate? It was my nephew Robbie that told me about the SIDC he knows the guy that runs it and does the photography. Yeah it’s good to be part of the forum. Yeah meet ups would be brilliant, talk about scoobys and other stuff.
  2. Yeah cheers guys, good to be part of sidc.
  3. Hi everyone, just got my dream car after wanting one since I was 11, 20 years later and I’ve got one, Subaru WRX STI, amazing car, so I’ve just joined up on here with other like minded people, good to be part of this group and hope to get to some meets with you all.
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