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  1. Aye until you get yours out 🤑
  2. I've got the fuse cubby pocket, Just let me know what you need and I can send it over to you. Obviously you can pay postage 😉 Andy.
  3. Hi bud and yup Fozzies are great and glad to see you're keeping a Gen1 classic foz on the road. I've had a my99 which still sits in the garden and I use it as a shed for bits n pieces as she's worse for wear and I've had a face-lift my01 which I too spent thousands on in the same colour as yours. I'm now running a my04 FSTi which is my daily and wouldn't chose any other model other than a foz. It's just such a family sleeper not to mention what you can transport in them. Oh and if you're after any bits then give me a shout before you go spending loads on fleabay. The my99 is still 75% whole. Andy.
  4. Hey Tony I don't know if this'll help but I fitted newage alloy arms from a my02 WRX on my99 S turbo a few years back and they were sweet, as the same thing happened to the steel arms on that. I had to get the bottom ball joints and the cones they sit in as well though. Good luck if you've not already done something about it. Oh and swapped out the droplinks for the newage ones too.
  5. Cheers pal. Good to hear your my03 is still being kept on the "salty roads" and if you live in Scotland then I think you should add yourself. I've been meaning to give mine another waxoil before the winter approaches but with work and sh1te weather it's not looking promising. When you say rusty front pipe to cat; is that the second pipe from down pipe to middle cat? There's a few different options on exhausts ay? I'm all in favour of old skool bud so you've got my vote on known reliability other than gimmicky technologies that are just another thing to go wrong. I've found it fairly easy to either find replacements from UK cars to match up with my import or to modify them to fit. There's always Don to point us in the right direction 😉 Thanks for the warm welcome and all the best to you too sir! Andy.
  6. Hey Fivos, I see you've reached further out from sf.org too. How's the new car going btw? Still spending those £60's 😉 Andy.
  7. Cheers Will and if you look closely you may see Nessy 🙄
  8. Cheers pal Hi Will and cheers bud. Tyres are cheap ass kieser something or others. They came on the Prodrive forged rims when I bought the car and have only used them in the so called Scottish summer this year; they're completely crap. They'll soon be replaced with Goodyear Eagle F1 asymmetric 3's for next year. I've just got to take my ITC gold rims that have Wintraxs on to Rimtech in for a colour change to maybe a dark anthracite or gun metal as I can't stand gold rims so they're ready for winter. Andy.
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