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  1. Hey Phil Was that you I saw today behind the Maserati, Lambos and the nobhead beemer driver who nearly lost it coming off the Telford roundabout in Inverness? If it was then what a Cheshire smile you had and good to see another STI on the road. Andy.
  2. Hi Phillip Car looks sweet and bet you can't wait to get delivery . However knowing it's at home and you not being able to travel must be a right ball ache. Not much activity here on Scottish Scoobies 🙄 All the best pal. Andy.
  3. Ah gutted pal, och well good luck on the hunt though and all the best.
  4. I'm thinking the wee house has something to do with the railway but will investigate..... A good idea would be to pm me your details and I'll print them off and laminate them and stick them under the wiper if no ones there. So Daniel where you from bud? Are you an inverneshian?
  5. I know exactly where it is btw. Right next to the railroad crossing and do remember seeing the car. There was a couple of rotary mazdas (I think rx7's) there a couple of months back and was saying to my gf that they had gone and there was an Impreza and others there now. I'm not sure what the yard is about there though but will give them a shout.
  6. Hi Daniel, I'm near Inverness but unfortunately don't know the owner. Nor have seen the car. However I could enquire if you know the owners address. Andy. Edit: just saw your reply and will give them a holla next time I'm in town... Should be this week so will let you know bud.
  7. Good luck with getting a reply from AF. He mapped my Foz and told me he's so busy and getting on in years (his words). I've messaged him a few times to get the pdf for my map but had no luck. Hope you get the launch control figured out. Andy.
  8. Sup buddy, lots of Fozzies apearing over here now. Andy.
  9. Maybe postcode related. I did put down it was worth 8k. I had to call them though and explain all the mods and how much the ICE and alloys were worth too.
  10. Depending on your age and NCD ; directline was the one for me at only £195 for fully comp, being an import with all mods, ICE and alloys declared. I am 46 with 8 years NCD though.
  11. In the drivers seat chauffeuring @Lockheed about with a huge smile on her face.
  12. Hey Supa Welcome over to the darkside ....SF.org getting on your tits too? Oh it's highland forry btw 😎
  13. Swapped out the nasty HID Headlights for the XT clusters with the black background and some extremely expensive Osram LED lamps.
  14. Brembo of course with mintex rears and godspeed fronts. The fronts will be change to mintex in the upcoming weeks as I'm sick of the delamination with godspeed discs.
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