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  1. Yes you’re right ccrien, it’s showing as North Shields, Alexandra Cars.
  2. She’s home! More pics tomorrow hopefully!
  3. Cheers Tony, much appreciated.
  4. Now then Floz. Cheers for the warm welcome. It’s a private sale. Appears very well looked after with regular services etc. He seems to be an enthusiast and has owned multiple models. Hopefully my lift is going to be my expert! I’ll update with pictures if she comes home with me!!
  5. Hi all, I am hopefully going to lose my cherry this Saturday when I go pick up my white ‘09 Wrx Sti Hatchback. I’ve had S3’s and type-r’s and all sorts of other hatches but can’t wait to get my first ‘scooby’. I am slightly worried as I know nothing about them and I’ve done as much YouTubing and forum reading as possible to hopefully not come away with a dog! Looking forward to doing stuff to it and I’m in Leeds, west Yorkshire if there’s ever owt going on I’ll be making one in. Any hints or tips for the test drive/viewing on Saturday would be massively appreciated! All take care and have a good week. Jeffers.
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