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  1. Hi all Hope someone can help! My clutch is on its way so am in need of a replacement spoke to scooby specialist and he recommended that I upgrade the clutch fork too but I'm struggling to locate one! Any help much appreciated Karl
  2. Sorry yeah it is the afterburner sounds great on boost still quiet but I've still got the standard middle section on need to replace it really but then thought I'd completely change the whole system!
  3. Cheers guys sorry well late reply ended up getting a vortex backbox from scoobyworld but am now thinking of getting a grimmspeed downpipe with sports cat and an invidia system!
  4. Hi all, does anyone know what wheel sizes I can get away with on my WRX-S hatch was thinking of getting a spare set for winter also does anyone know where’s best place to get alloys and what winter tyres are best many thanks karl
  5. Hi all I've got a WRX-S Hatchback and was wondering if anyone can verify if it's the middle silencer that makes the car so quiet also any local club/meets to the rickmansworth area? Much appreciated Karl
  6. Is that a straight fit front and rear or do I also need special brackets? Also having wheels refurbished so be a great idea to put some new rubber on what’s best tyre these days? Karl
  7. Hi all, just wondering who’s going to the IOW sandown airport show and who’s been before? Not sure what to expect if I’m doing all 3 days! Plus would you recommend camping or hotel? Karl
  8. Need to get some better pics done weather not helping tho! Ones at home but used a filter sorry bout that and other is at work! Does anyone know how many of these models were actually built? Also best brake upgrades I’ve heard either Brembo or STI callipers are good upgrades?
  9. Cheers geez got the dab230 fitted finally also got wheels and full service booked in!
  10. Much appreciated guys will do just that got few cosmetic bits to do the fella who had car before me proper beat the wheels up so thought I’d get them done and maybe get callipers done and brakes at same time! Also is anyone good with head units cause I’m having trouble trying to fit a kenwood dmx7018dabs into car! If someone recommends a different one that is easy to fit I’m all ears! Thanks karl
  11. Thanks Looking at more power and better handling. I know my car has had the ECU and exhaust upgraded by prodrive but would you still map over it and get another exhaust?
  12. Hi all, I’m very new to all this so just checking in I currently own an IMPREZA WRX-S I know these didn’t get a lot of great reviews but am looking to get some mods done! Just don’t know where to start! Any help much appreciated karl
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