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  1. I noticed they do that now , the close up pic looks like flocking or flocked . Do we get discounts at icp ?
  2. Pics or it hasn't happened
  3. Just to clarify this is the part that does not work.
  4. Thanks Don you are correct the holes on my subframe are offset one being up the other being down . the product I bought was summit swave item with the holes that mirror each other . I did see a summit swave brace like the beatrush one you showed but couldn't find it again on google , im better armed now . Would the panel think it would be just as good to use the uprated super-pro bushes that just used the existing holes ? If so what part no ? and also they now make inserts to fill in the voids on existing bushes , are these worth a look?
  5. Hi, hope everyones got their factor 50 on. So ive been noticing a bit of play in the drive train . I bought some new engine mounts (not fitted) a group n pitch mount and a group n front diff mount both of which are fitted I also want purchase a rear diff brace. so I guess my question is which year impreza has the same rear subframe as my foz sti if any?, ive already bought one that advertised it would fit but its nowhere near.
  6. So basically trackers are easily blocked and not worth it ?
  7. My thumbs are made of unobtanium .so maybe I get the mechanical option....
  8. Ok ill rephrase it . Is there any trackers I should avoid ?
  9. What does the panel think about this subject . ive been looking today and there is so many to chose from. I don't need anything really fancy ,I just want be able to find my car if it ever gets nicked. any experiences would be greatly received . I recently realised the foz is worth more in parts and I would really like to keep hold of them .
  10. I got the tools out today gave it a bit of a sand down with 80grit to start then 180grit got the filler out , primed it and then a few dustings of topcoat . Its not a great colour match but an improvement on what was there previously .
  11. After a hard days graft on Monday Mrs Lockheed asked me to move the forester a bit so she could get her car on the drive so I did what she told me . I reversed out into the road and a car was coming up the hill, the car and stopped to let me out as I didn't want to inconvenience this kind driver I rushed the manoeuvre and this was the result.
  12. This is a good thought and I looked about for a good while but understandably they all have the same problem in seats of this age , in varying degrees of course . The search continues for either a very good second hand seat or a decent repair.
  13. This would be excellent , im presuming that it would be X-ray . It would also catch all those on the lap phone fiddlers who think people don't know that their using a phone …….. but you see them all the time , just looking at their groin and not the road.
  14. Can anyone point me in the best direction to with re-upholstering my black 04 STI seats . The bolster on the drivers seat has started to fray but other wise in good order. A wise man told me to ask the guys that are re-furbing my steering wheel …...but they (last week) sent my steering wheel to Subaru dealership up north so it will be delivered two weeks late.
  15. Im glad my exhaust is very quiet , might have to add a bit of exhaust sound through the stereo speakers...…
  16. I saw your car at coombe ! v nice ,where did you get your brembos painted ? I only ask because ive heard fluorescent is the new red ?
  17. I don't want put anyone off using Millers or indeed start an argument but I did hear a few people complaining of additive drop out ,this was at least 2 yrs ago and I think they have changed their Nano line since. I now use Motul 300v only because my engine builder told me to.
  18. Those Brembos look very well in red .👌
  19. Thank you very much , I may have gone too far with my new nuts / £45 from Combe
  20. If you want a cheaper option Goodyear asymmetric 3's are great .
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