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  1. Welcome Mathew Looking forward to seeing some more pics
  2. Well you look good for it bro . now get that bung out of your exhaust end and take me for a proper spin!
  3. 70 is the new 50 Don …. so I am told
  4. Ok so this is the route ive gone down after publicly saying different . This is the one with the screamer pipe with the v band connections to go with the new garret gtx genii the dog likes it too
  5. No way your nearly 65yrs ….. whats your secret.
  6. Very nice , stealth in colour !
  7. the car runs on meth/water injection . its injected via high speed valve and injector before the throttle body by way of an ultra fine mist . the valve and the pump is deployed when criteria are met 45% throttle , high ait or @4500rpm . this creates 116ron so timing can be advanced with out detonation
  8. Had it mapped at Abbey Motor sport ! only because they are quite clever with the LinkG4+ ecu I have .
  9. Sounds like a challenge to me …… Tony
  10. the channel tunnel is only 250ft below sea level so im thinking its gash …… however it has had the desired effect with regards to getting people talking! But I do however feel the car is capable of 170mph and where did the alpine pluck 217mph from?
  11. The cool kids say …. Pics or its not true.
  12. Nice Hawk . more pics please
  13. Is this even possible ? if so it wasn't me driving.
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