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  1. My water temp has always been directly in the middle so looks a little low in my opinion , my fuel usage has taken a bit of a hit tho since going rotated .
  2. Probably best you look for one further south might be less rusty . sorry it didn't lead to some joy .
  3. Welcome Matt I saw you the other day up at Beachy Head. Will
  4. Well Mr Tony it depends on what you call un molested , 18" Rims, A/P brakes and a front mount intercooler. I would love to own a car like that. I really like the number plate angle to provide flow to the cooler
  5. Glad to see the young uns enjoying the Subaru brand and talking in a way that I can understand . So welcome David
  6. Can bolts like this not be warmed up, also ive had some success tightening the bolt first and going back ward and forward, Ive also welded a bar to the bolt, gets it hot and give some leverage.
  7. Acid dip for sure . When sand blasting cars ,shards of sand get broken off in the metal and start the rusting process straight away . Other types of media such as bead or coco shell are better so ive heard . About the cage , as I said ive only thought about one after seeing some really nice ones .
  8. Does anyone know the paint code for the end of the rear drive shafts closest to the rear diff , I know its green. thanks
  9. By chance do you know if maps the link g4?
  10. Ive heard good and bad about both of those twos, nothing about about their mapping skills, but about their ability to communicate.
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