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  1. Ah @The Don Ive also done a bit research on this and would absolutely love that engine💕
  2. Ok I suppose you want the Arrow Rods, Arrow Crank, and omega pistons to go with that block . if I win millions ……. consider it yours 👍
  3. Although this is not a compound turbo set up , the image kept coming up when I was researching the subject .👍
  4. I spoke to 2 mechanics today and they said the alloy arms do work. One said they have done it in the past with no issues but since you have the rock items ordered ill just leave this here for posterity. Why Did I get charged £20 odd import tax for my gauge pod from Ortiz?
  5. brake it down for me . im not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  6. Cheers Don . I know its not that much of a deal . I cant see why the aluminium ones wont work (second hand) This might be more speedy for the Op
  7. hardly Floz. ive had the same old parts for sale for months ,just my lucky day should I buy a lottery ticket ? if I win big ill get all my sidc buddies a good mod or two , just say I do win big what does everyone want ? any mod just name it !
  8. Ive just messaged my only Subaru spanner guy to see if hes done one . Hopefully he will message back tonight if not tomorrow .
  9. I knew someone would bite . I don't see why the ali ones wont fit ? What Trump will do is give us a really good deal and then shaft us later on down the line when we are vulnerable ……… the 51st state is coming.
  10. So yesterday a young lad from lydd cleared me out of most of my stuff on ebay Wheels and tyres ,rear brembos , whiteline arb , and some rear discs I had laying about . Later on that evening I also sold a golf buggy within ten mins of advertising he picked it up this morning , while he was at mine I sold him my other golf buggy as well that wasn't advertised . (this is a good financial start to my rotated turbo project) Now im watching a F16 at Eastbourne air show and its shaking my windows , with a large Gin and tonic👍
  11. |Strange one this , must be why he was so good in reverse!
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