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  1. Yes id love join you at Beaulieu , do you have a monicker on sf.org ?
  2. Thanks and Thanks to both comments .
  3. Thankyou for the warm welcome , Prodrive tour was great (and great weather) but I was surprised to here they don't take on apprentices as it is dear to my heart that we should pass on skills from one generation to the next . I was tempted to ask where they would get their future skilled labour from but I guess they have it in hand . Yes the Goodwood meet was a bit of a wash out but I was happy to meet some fellow Subaru nutters.
  4. Hi everyone im new on here but not new to Subaru . I have a forester STI which I have owned since 2014 and have done quite a bit of work to it. I look forward to attending some meets and some conversions on here.
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