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  1. well is this a worth while thread ,should I keep posting this progress ?. any suggestions to how I can make this more attractive to member's . just as type I have an email from scooby net saying ….. explain the meaning of time . what the ****
  2. So this turned up last week its an external waste gate , dubbed the hyper gate . the turbo turns up Monday .
  3. Ha Ha it was @Supacool1 that I got the idea from over on f.org . im sure he wont mind ?
  4. How so do you prefer the black or think its pants ?
  5. yeah I got mocked for wanting flip over switches to stop her operating anti lag and w/m injection , If I leave her in the car for a moment she gets up on centre consul and presses all the switches not on purpose of course ………… or is it.
  6. Well you wait to see whats instore for this year regarding the Power ups , heres an epic pic of mine and an oily moment we shared together courtesy of a hydraulic up and down lift shed at Goodwood luckily not deposited on the racing line .
  7. My hand was just too big and wouldn't fit , how ever this little job went very well after some good advice.
  8. Hey Andy ,no clouds in your coffee but clouds in your bonnet …….
  9. I cant disagree with either of the above, so just throwing Sky insurance into the mix as its a good idea to get a couple of quotes.
  10. Welcome , just waiting for the new events list to come out
  11. Ive thought about a half cage before now to keep weight down . looking forward to see what you do with it!
  12. Are you keeping it road legal or a total striptease ?
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