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  1. Can some please tell me how to put up pictures? I can only seem to use teenytiny ones that of poor quality
  2. He had me on the sidc course too 2 weeks after passing my driving test! Loved seeing all the scoobys in the car park and my mk2 fiesta lol
  3. That looks suspiciously like Debden?
  4. Not a million miles from me so I may just hold you to that!
  5. Thanks guys. It’s very nice to hear such things said about him. I’ve tried to carry on his legacy by picking up from where he left off. Im even sneaking the odd ‘sidelines’ sticker on to those worth while!
  6. Thanks ccien. yes don, did you know him?
  7. Hey guys never joined or posted on a forum before so loosing my virginity here.... twice! Im a mechanic by trade and had Subaru’s for years. My uncle was a big part of SIDC back in the day so thought I’d join in also. Been looking on here at people’s projects for ages and there seems to be much less attitude on hear than other forums. Got 2 interesting cars but have no idea how to upload so will come back to that another day lol
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