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  1. Great info, thanks everyone! Went and seen a blob sti type uk within budget. Think I might go for it, high mileage but well looked after and serviced. Only concern is an mot a while back suggested really bad rust at rear suspension on both sides, couldn't see much from having a look at it and hasn't been brought up in any mot since so thinking it must have been fixed, anything else I should keep an eye out for ? Any other usual rust spots? Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the help, all taken on board hopefully find the right one soon
  3. Thanks for the reply, trying to do as much research as possible before going for one, been looking out for standard ones, not a great deal of them out there but will keep looking, will also look out for the struts, seen a good example last week but it had quite a bit of blue smoke which put me off
  4. Hello, new to the page and Subaru's, currently looking into getting either a blob or a hawk WRX, any tips on what to look out for on either model's would be appreciated, cheers!
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