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  1. Just one other question, did you need a reducer coupler for attaching the hose to the PCV assy at the rear or is that also 13mm? cheers (I'm not in the country just now otherwise I'd physically look myself, just want to make some purchases ready for when I get back)
  2. Thats great, exactly what I was looking for, Thanks. Really neat install aswell, first one I've seen with the PCV Teed in with the crankcase. I guess the same could be achieved with just a 2 port catch can, I'm not sold on that Grimmspeed AOS.. Thanks for your help.
  3. Has anyone installed either a Grimmspeed AOS or 3 port catch can on an 08-14 STI? Im finding it hard to pinpoint the routing for the pipework at the PCV end.. Am I right in saying that the PCV pipe is removed where it joins the turbo inlet, block off the turbo inlet, then run the new pipework via a 2 way connector straight from the PCV pipe back to the can? - Im happy with the other two locations, but that PCV setup seems to vary slightly from 08-14 to 15+... most of the clips online are from 15+ or WRX only. Cheers
  4. Ha, your not wrong.. I replaced it with a 3 in mishimoto system as it had started doing just that! Some guy bought the ProR system off me to somehow fit it to a Legacy N/A estate...
  5. Cheers, that brings on another issue.. the previous owner had the ProR exhaust installed at an independent garage - I actually found pictures of the install on the garages Facebook page.. So it makes me wonder if subaru didn't fit that exhaust, maybe it doesnt have the actual 340 package, and the previous owner just had the exhaust fitted and banged the sticker on..
  6. Time for my annual checkin to SIDC, working away a lot this year so haven't been very active... Anyway, I have a 340R, or at least what was sold to me as such... Question is, how do I know if it is one? There was no Prodrive/ProR certificate with the car.. The only thing I found is a small silver sticker in the door jamb that states PS- 340.. I'm guessing the answer will be to take it to Subaru to see if it has the 340 map... but aside from that is there any other way to tell?! Cheers.
  7. Poor picture, but there it is fitted. Really simple, clean install.
  8. Now back in the UK, I can confirm that the whole saga was caused by firstly a drained battery, and secondly my missus' complete lack of understanding of how keyless entry works. 🤦‍♂️ All fine now.
  9. I forgot to disconnect that P3 gauge, must be a parasitic drain through the OBD, even though it's not turned on. Interestingly, my partner has messaged me to say that the drivers door still won't lock... so must be 2 seperate issues...
  10. Update incase anyone else comes accross this... The cause was the car battery was drained. Still enough power to turn on the dash lights/alarm etc.. but not start it.. Not entirely sure why the drivers door wouldnt lock, perhaps it's intentional so you can still gain access to the car to pop the bonnet....
  11. Shes given up, I think that the drivers side lock mechanism has jammed internally somehow, and because it isnt cycling correctly with the key fob/anti theft system, the car won't start. Does that sound feasible? I cant see what else it could be
  12. Shes saying that the inside manual switch for locking all the individual doors, operate on all the doors apart from the drivers door, seemingly that one doesnt move at all
  13. Its madness, the car won't even lock with the key, it just cycles straight back to unlocked!
  14. Sorry, Ive totally mis worded my post, she is doing everything on the key fob, so using the unlock button on the fob, the indicators flash, but then she opens the door and the alarm sounds.. she sits in car, presses unlock button on fob, alarm goes off, but then the car wont start or try to start even though green light is on the button. The car also wont lock using the lock button on the fob
  15. So... whilst I'm overseas, I have instructed my other half to start my car once a week. 2011 impreza STI with keyless entry/push button start. What she is telling me is happening, is she presses the unlock button on the car, opens the door, but the alarm sounds. Once in the car she can get the alarm to go off by pressing unlock on the fob, but when she gets to the start up, clutch in - green light etc, the car wont start. When she tries to lock the car, it won't lock, tries the door - it opens and the whole saga starts again... Its pretty hard without being there to know exactly what is going on! but has anyone come accross this before? There is a fair chance she is doing something incorrectly, but not being able to see what it is, is the issue! Any help appreciated!
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