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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for a 2008+ boost gauge and pod... well the pod mostly, im pretty settled on a prosport gauge, but would like a nice neat pod.. can only seem to find good ones accross the pond. TIA
  2. Seems pretty backwards that an STI owner should tiptoe around opening up a fast going road car
  3. Interesting, the car im going to see is the same age, and also running the 340r pack, its sitting on 39k.. The problems just seem to be way too common to be ignored - in all honesty I'd be throwing the majority of my funds at the initial purchase.
  4. New member here, going to look at a 2010 UK STI saloon tomorrow, low mileage, and allegedly has been very well looked after. I cant help but feel paranoid about the ringlands/head gasket problems that Google at least would have you believe are pretty prevalent in the 2.5. What are peoples thoughts? Is it a case of rolling the dice or should I reconsider?