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    Wheel scrubbing

    Tony, when you say struts do you mean the dampers themselves or the top mounts or some other part of the strut? Mine does this pretty bad, makes it stall sometimes if you arn't quick enough to increase the throttle/dip the clutch. Really "notchy" in reverse and full lock. Another Tony
  2. Hello All, Ever since I've owned my subaru the ABS seems to cut in very early making stopping times longer not shorter. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. The tyres are ditch finders but I'm used to driving a drift bmw with ditch finders on and that stops incredibly well in comparison. When the ABS works on the legacy it hardly pushes you forward out of your seat. Is there a fuse i can pull to disable the ABS? for testing. Cheers, Tony
  3. I haven't found anyone who has used them yet, was hoping to get a recommendation. Saying that they are about the same price as buying patent replacement parts from a motorfactor so I might just take the punt on them. I will post up if I do.
  4. Hello All, I'm looking to upgrade my engine and gearbox mounts on my 2004 Legacy 3.0 Spec B and i was wondering if any one had used hardrace before? I couldn't find many reviews on them, but that may be my bad searching. https://h-tune.co.uk/hardrace-uprated-engine-mounts-set-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-92-11-forester-sh-09-13-legacy-bd-bg-bk-95-98-legacy-be-bh-bt-bl-bp-98-08/?currency=GBP&gclid=Cj0KCQiA05zhBRCMARIsACKDWjcRXaKbvak_BEVTWAJcSnUkUHyqxCfvqXjfT76crJc44hjfvmOQU1waAkxHEALw_wcB Are there any other options? Cheers, Tony
  5. Cheers for those Don, A christmas miracle happened and the boot now locks & unlocks with the key in the drivers door. I can only assume the BIU had to "re-calibrate" with the lock after is had been disconnected. I did nothing special, just went for a long drive back to my parents for Christmas. Now the boot works. I will be tackling the alarm soon so I can get the remote locking going again. Maybe i will have to fit a new S30 Sigma alarm or remove the alarm completely and try use a JDM style key, dont even know if that will work.
  6. Hello Everyone, Set the scene; I bought a '54 Legacy Estate R Spec B the remote locking has never worked but initially the boot/hatch did. One day I noticed that the boot had stopped locking/unlocking, at this point i realised half the electrics in the boot didn't work, so I checked the loom and it was very broken. I have since repaired the loom and everything, except the lock, is working. I have checked the continuity of the loom and it is wired correctly. I have taken the plug out under the dash and checked the continuity to the boot, the loom from the front of the car is fine. I have checked for a signal when I lock the car at the plug but i only have a light bulb tester and a multimeter, as far as i can tell there is no signal. I have applied 12v across the lock and it has locked and unlocked. I have interrogated the wiring diagram and from what i can see the Body Integrated Unit is where the power comes from but there is no fuse in this system. In a possibly related note, I tried to code my remote to the car today as it "ran out of battery" according to the previous owner and i have just put in a new battery. The remote still doesn't work and i also noticed there is no power going to the pin pad for the thatcham alarm. So what would stop the BIU from sending a signal to the boot? Is the BIU broken? Do you think the alarm having no power is related? What would stop the alarm from having power and how do i go about reactivating it? Lots of questions there, im sorry. Any light on the subject, ideas, anything please? Cheers, Tony
  7. Hello Everyone, New development on my car today when trying to reverse park in a car park. As I get close to full lock in either direction the speed at which I am traveling becomes notchy. The steering doesn't become notchy, its the motion, like I had a lump on the tyre. If I actually go on full lock its enough resistance to stall the car, even with some revs. So my conclusion is something is mechanically jamming up. My first thoughts were CV joints but after reading some posts a lot of people are talking about the front diff being the problem. I'm not sure how my cars front diff is set up, is it some form of LSD? Because I struggle to believe an open diff could cause this. What are your thoughts/ideas? And how would you go about diagnosing it? Any and all help super appreciated. Car is a Legacy 3.0 R Spec B Estate 6 Speed Manual. Cheers, Tony
  8. This is awesome information! Thank you. Also thank you for showing me where i can get to the parts catalogue!
  9. Hello All, Apologies if this isn't the right section to post this. I am looking for a bush kit for my gear shifter linkage and I am really struggling to find one. I have a 2004 Legacy (Mk.IV BP) with the 3.0 H6 with the 6 speed gearbox. I would prefer an upgraded kit made from polyurethane or nylon, does anyone know where to get one? Is the linkage the same as some of the imprezas? Cheers, Tony