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  1. Evening all first of all hello ,just bought my first Subaru back in April in Essex , she's a 1993 wrx import with a few mods The fella I bought the car off showed me around the car I was interested etc started talking and he got on to the story of how he got it and it's history , he explained to me he bought it off a gentleman who just wanted it gone as the sight of it was breaking his heart due to the fact it was his sons who sadly passed away . Since owning the car I have discovered more and more mods to the car inside and out and have come to the conclusion that a lot of work has been done previously , I have since discovered a SIDC members card inside the car just wondering if anyone has any more info of the vehicle the details are as follows : 10036 Leigh Jackson member until Feb 2006 im aware that's it's all a bit of a long shot but you never know thanks all tom
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