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  1. trying to find out as much info on S791NSA 65c reddish blue uk turbo awd impreza gc8 1998 version 4 ej20g any help much appreciated its known one of at least of the previous owners was from this group as there membership card and card/tax holder is in the windscreen still seeking possible engine internal modifications information im aware of offical k&n kit hard pipes fmic full stainless de-res exhaust and 3'' bell down pipe prodrive 7 spoke alloys cusco lower h frame short shift selector and uprated bushing my friend owned the car for a considerable time before i became the current owner and he wasnt exactly clued up on cars anything he had for the car and info he could give me he was to be honnest minimal except he maintained it more than his daily regular serviced n wasnt driven in aggresion its done a considerable millage and body is in need of slight attention on the arch panels all too common from own knowledge of these vehichles its mainly the engine and drive terrain im trying to figure out if has been altered from stmadard at all or even had ecu tweaked or the suporting mods are mainly off the shelf bolt on but mechanically the engine looks pretty un tampered with from first glances its developed a light bottom end knock and been parked up before delving into the vehichle im just trying to gain better knowledge of its history the vehichle does seem lived a pretty good life over all
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