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  1. Nice one! I had to take crappy graphite stickies off the spoilers, a new roof spoiler, brakes, a legal exhaust ......, remove the pink STI Subaru logos but left the little blue lights that were in the grille but disconnected 😉
  2. Cool to hear from you Floz! Don’t forget me! Would be fab to catch up with y’all but with BoJo’s announcement yesterday we may be on Teams or Zoom 🤬
  3. Hiya and welcome! See you have made some great changes to your Scoob! Did same when I bought mine including Prodrive wheels! Debs
  4. Good luck Ben, hope you find your next Impreza! If you can’t find an STi within your price bracket there are low mileage clean looking hawk eye WRX circa £7/8k.
  5. Hi and welcome Phil! Funnily enough we are on our 7th scoob!
  6. Welcome to the Club! Tony, you just know its going to be madness and mayhem when we get car shows up again! Cant wait to get back to Cadwell!
  7. Thanks Don👍. Looks beyond my mechanical competency so will prob have to book her in somewhere when we are able! D
  8. Hilarious! I have SIDC stickers on my Mitsubishi 🤪
  9. Hiya, my 06 Rex has developed a gear box rattle when pushing up through gears. If I hold the gear stick it stops the rattle - any suggestions? It still changes gears up and down smoothly so just wondered if it had worn “teeth” ? Any thought appreciated! Thanks!
  10. My friend is making these if anyone interested?
  11. Or Kevin and Debbie? In my defence I bought my plate in 2001 before I even met Kev 😁 and its been on 4 of my 5 Scoobs x
  12. Welcome! Lovely scoob! Hope you get fuelling issues sorted!
  13. Beautiful classic scoob! Hubster well jealous as his first was same year and colour but not wrx
  14. Yow, welcome ! Can’t beat a decently loud back box! So to speak 🤣
  15. ! It’s a Friday so work dress down day which means woo woo scooby to work day .......... or not .... as she hasn’t been out for a few weeks and very sporadically fired up over the last few months with the shocking weather .....flat battery .... 😒😒
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