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  1. debsp555

    Roof trims

    Thanks Mark! 😒to think of having to break a Hawk though
  2. debsp555

    Roof trims

    Hi Mark, thank you so much for responding and your kind offer. Sad there are broken Subs out there! I’ve ordered some new clips, still searching for the roof mouldings as mine are very warped - urgh Debs
  3. debsp555

    Gold wheels

    Thanks Mark! Thinking of saving up and getting some 18” Prodrive ones, shame my mate doesn’t work for them anymore 😎😎😎
  4. debsp555

    Roof trims

    Hello The Don! One of the clips are certainly shot but the mouldings are actually warped too..... amongst other stuff some sacrilegious clown did to my hawk in her past (not visible to the buyer however conscientious unless you ask to remove them to remove the spoilers before purchase lol). So thank you! No doubt I will post more questions in my quest to restore my hawk!
  5. debsp555

    Gold wheels

    Thank you! 😁😎😁😎😁😎
  6. debsp555

    Roof trims

    Hello, another question! Some clown in my hawk’s past has probably put roof bars under the rubber roof trim (sorry if wrong name!) and has warped them; they have perished slightly too and wondered if anyone had a solution for this? Cheers 🍻Debs
  7. debsp555

    Gold wheels

    Thank you so much everyone for your really helpful advice! Bloody minefield! Got the original wheels on the car but they have been crappy sprayed gold, are scratched and leach air so think they will, at least need a major overhaul, re rim, could still be just as rubbish and driving me nuts!
  8. debsp555

    Gold wheels

    Very nice! Thank you!