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  1. Hi Joe, welcome to the gang!
  2. Have you got your wheels sorted yet Floz?
  3. My life what great info! I’m not nearly as clever or knowledgeable as my sidc colleagues but having had classic, bug, blob and hawk scoobies, love the hawk not only for looks but also performance. Difficult though to find one that hasn’t been twatted around with these days. My current one was and has taken a few squids so far to sort out and still a way to go to get her back to original but we are getting there
  4. Lovely RB320! Jealous but don’t let my 06 Hawk know that!
  5. Yes, let’s get a pic up here!
  6. Wow! My car passion started with a ‘71 MGB roadster when I was 21 but my Scooby love came about several (ehem) years later watching McCrae and Burns on the tv (and working in Banbury) when I bought a ‘99 2.0 litre Impreza Sport, met the hubster at the pub and got talking as he had just bought one too! The Sport was soon followed by bug eye Jap import Sport with a WRX body kit (got a very good story about how the bug eye came about from an ex Prodrive employee) and then a brand shiny new Hawk WRX import from Malta. By this time the hubster got green eyes and swapped his Sport for a Blob WRX wagon - both of which featured in our wedding pics! We were then Scoobyless for a few years having both got company cars; dabbled with a Hawk wagon for a short while and now have an 06 Black Hawk, which we believe is an ex interceptor and she’s the one with the “naughty” exhaust 😁😁😁
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