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  1. Wow! My car passion started with a ‘71 MGB roadster when I was 21 but my Scooby love came about several (ehem) years later watching McCrae and Burns on the tv (and working in Banbury) when I bought a ‘99 2.0 litre Impreza Sport, met the hubster at the pub and got talking as he had just bought one too! The Sport was soon followed by bug eye Jap import Sport with a WRX body kit (got a very good story about how the bug eye came about from an ex Prodrive employee) and then a brand shiny new Hawk WRX import from Malta. By this time the hubster got green eyes and swapped his Sport for a Blob WRX wagon - both of which featured in our wedding pics! We were then Scoobyless for a few years having both got company cars; dabbled with a Hawk wagon for a short while and now have an 06 Black Hawk, which we believe is an ex interceptor and she’s the one with the “naughty” exhaust 😁😁😁
  2. Thanks John! You way more savvy on scoobies than me! I have just always loved the Impreza living near Banbury and the Prodrive factory! Me and the hubster have had 7 scoobies from classic through to hawk as work horses but now opportunity to have current one as a “toy” and a keeper so thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, my Hawk has a de-catted system and has its MOT next month ....... Does anyone know of any manufacturers that make catted systems? Or any other advice for that matter 😁 Ta!
  4. debsp555

    SIDC at V-ATE

    We are in! What time? Do we need to do anything or just turn up and if so what time?
  5. debsp555

    SIDC at V-ATE

    Do we need to do anything or just turn up? What time? 12ish?
  6. debsp555

    SIDC at V-ATE

  7. debsp555

    SIDC at V-ATE

    We’re bringing the beast! Really looking forward to meeting everyone! Do we need to do anything? Wwwop !
  8. Cheers Tony will get the foam repair thingy! D
  9. Hiya! Any recommendations for new exhaust systems? Ta Debs
  10. Thanks Mark! 😢to think of having to break a Hawk though
  11. Hi Mark, thank you so much for responding and your kind offer. Sad there are broken Subs out there! I’ve ordered some new clips, still searching for the roof mouldings as mine are very warped - urgh Debs
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