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  1. New Thread for all the Northern Ireland members to connect.
  2. Unfortunately im in northern ireleand so thats a no go. My Mechanic has 2 mates one with a 450BHP and and standard STi. I believe both have suspension work. I think he commented that standard shocks with jsut a set of eibach pro springs made a noteable difference. So might try get them to take me a test drive. I've a set og new pilot sport 4 tyres to go on which might show a dramatic improvement over the budget tyres on atm. Might just start with ARB kit
  3. thinking of the following kit if the BC's are good http://scoobyworld.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=4627 Stage 4 Subaru Performance Handling Pack - MAIL ORDER Our top of the range Stage 4 Performance Handling Pack totally transforms the Impreza's handling whether it be road or track. Features ✓ BC Racing Coilover BR Series ✓ BC Racing Extendable Rear Adjusters ✓ Whiteline 24mm adjustable Rear Anti Roll bar and poly bushes ✓ Whiteline 22mm or 24mm (depending on model) Front Anti Roll bar and poly bushes ✓ Whiteline Anti Lift Kit ✓ Whiteline Fr
  4. Not sure exactly on which size to get probably bigger.
  5. Hi All, Though id introduce myself as ive recently picked up a a Black 2006 WRX STi (PPP) I've fell in love with the car :). Unfortunately within the first 3 weeks of ownership the top radiator hose clip broke, leaving me stranded and resulted in a Tow fee and new coolant + labour. So quite a bit more expensive than a replacement jubilie clip. So i've order up replacement Radiator and Aux Hose kits from Mishimoto to be done at next service for peace of mind. Also looking recommendatons for Antiroll bars/Strut brac and Suspension/coilovers currentl
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