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  1. Thanks for the info gents. Looks like I need to brush up a bit more, will pop in and see Brian and see what he can recommend.
  2. new member recently joined. Good to meet yous all.
  3. Hello ... ...and thank you for having me. I've recently purchased a standard 2014 WRX STI and I'm over the moon with it. Previous experience with a stage 2 VXR, pictured. I'm here for some modification advice if anyone would be so kind - I'm still getting my head around the change so please be patient with some of my questions! First off and probably the most ridiculous, there's a bit of confusion about the year. I've been told even though i've got the 2014, I should be checking out parts in the 2015+ model bracket as opposed to the 11-14'. Is this correct? I've always wanted a Subaru, the styling and look just give me that little twinge downstairs. You know the one. But I'm needing to do something about the exhaust. Coming from a turbo back, decatted Remus on the VXR that gave out those satisfying pops and bangs to strike fear into your enemies, the standard Subaru exhaust has me a little deflated. I'm fairly set on the N1 cat back however looking for advice on the remainder of the turbo- back and relevant parts for a stage 2 upgrade. I see a lot on Grimmspeed and Cobb catted j-pipes - is there are preference between the two? I don't think I'll be going down the decatted route. I'll need the cold air intake but will I need to upgrade the fuel delivery system / injectors / boost control solenoid as well? If so any recommendations? I'm in the north-eat of Scotland, is there any garages recommended for the remap? And how necessary is the access port if i'll unlikely move to stage 3? Really looking forward to getting some time on this car, will keep this thread updated with progress if there's interest. Thanks
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