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  1. hiya scoobiefloz.... yep paintwork looks great in the pics and looked pretty good from 6 feet away too. close up it was poor...lots of sanding marks and mapping on the bonnet and poor repairs on the rear arches. price to sort paint completely wasn't a whole lot more than to sort it locally and i love the idea of it being it's original colour...the wr blue didn't start 'til 01 so back to the 90s it is. engine will be next...has had some extensive mods but i may tone them down a little... cheers
  2. hello everyone....recently bought a wrx ra from a guy in cupar..car has had many owners and has spent a lot of time at events in scotland...there is zero history with the car so i am trying to find out something, anything about it...car is basically sound but having running problems. am sorting the body first though -was originally feather white , then red , then blue...not a brilliant job so i'm returning it to it's original white...does anybody recognise it?...thanks for any input
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