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  1. Thanks! I didn't pay anything for the car itself which is why I was a little confused ? I had always assumed you only paid the next higher VED if you were buying it new - please don't tell me I'll have to pay that buying it used! ??
  2. Hi I'm looking at upgrading to a 2014 WRX STi after years of my old, boring 1.6 Astra, now I've reached the age of not-quite-as-ridiculous insurance premiums. However I'm a bit confused how the tax on selling cars works - the Astra was given to me and I can still sell it for a few grand, however if it does count as income because I paid nothing for it, it would push me into the next up tax band says this salary calculator (https://www.income-tax.co.uk/). Can someone put my mind to rest? Would be much appreciated before I pull the trigger on the new car and start looking to get rid of the Astra. Cheers!
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