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    1997 v3 sti type r
  1. Original v3 type r exhaust centre section

    Cheers scoobiefloz. I've given up looking to be honest and am just going to get the resonator remade. I can't even find another person with an original v3 sti type r to find out roughly how many there are left. Very nearly started modifying it a few months back because it annoyed me so much trying to find out about the car I thought a well I'll just make it to my taste, glad I never though.
  2. Hi all, looking for an original centre section for a v3 sti type r if anyone can help? Thanks in advance, Craig.
  3. My97 type r

    Cheers bro. Always open to offers the links below. Wrote a wee paragraph on the introduction post. Cheers http://www.swapz.co.uk/swapz/6327996/Impreza_v3_sti_type_R_swap_or_sell/
  4. Car info

    Cheers bud. I'm having an absolute nightmare trying to find out roughly how many are left ive tried other forums and the dvla but nothing. Can anyone on here tell me how many of them generally go to shows please? Nigel Gough from classic car auctions did tell me that the ones we do see going about which is a handful at best have been imported in the last 5-6 years. My car was imported 1998 so has pretty much full uk history, 80000 miles and I am the 4th owner. Full api engine rebuild 2006 and done just over 20k miles since. Also I was wondering if/where in Scotland sidc shows so I can plan on it being at a few if I don't sell it first. Always open to offers if anyone is interested the link is below. Cheers http://www.swapz.co.uk/swapz/6327996/Impreza_v3_sti_type_R_swap_or_sell/
  5. My97 type r

    My car. Picture quality isn't good but would only let me post 1 at a time otherwise
  6. Car info

    Hi everyone, I bought a v3 type r a few months back as an investment and it came with SIDC stickers on it. I was wondering if anyone on here knows or remembers the car? Pictures below. Thanks, craig