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  1. Craig-v3-type-r

    Original v3 type r exhaust centre section

    Cheers scoobiefloz. I've given up looking to be honest and am just going to get the resonator remade. I can't even find another person with an original v3 sti type r to find out roughly how many there are left. Very nearly started modifying it a few months back because it annoyed me so much trying to find out about the car I thought a well I'll just make it to my taste, glad I never though.
  2. Hi all, looking for an original centre section for a v3 sti type r if anyone can help? Thanks in advance, Craig.
  3. Craig-v3-type-r

    My97 type r

    Cheers bro. Always open to offers the links below. Wrote a wee paragraph on the introduction post. Cheers http://www.swapz.co.uk/swapz/6327996/Impreza_v3_sti_type_R_swap_or_sell/
  4. Craig-v3-type-r

    My97 type r

    My car. Picture quality isn't good but would only let me post 1 at a time otherwise