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  1. good point - I will find a decent tuning company nearby in the new year or maybe a maybe a trip to scooby clinic.
  2. Thanks for the response. Ive had a good look and compared to lots of other WR1 photos and parts pictures. It looks like it as you said was returned to standard except for the difuser and the HIDS. Ive aranged with seller for them to remove the Hids and return to standard legal lights as the HIDS are illegal as i thought. Then my insurance should be ok. Then I guess the only way to find out if the PPP set up is back as it should be will be to put it on the rolling road and see how it performs? But i dont think ill risk that as im happy with how fast it is doesnt matter what numbers it pushes and ill concetrate on the needed front end blow over and wheels refurb.
  3. I recently bought a WR1 from a small speacialist in Rotherham. I was told the car was totally standard but not being a WR1 or Impreza expert it was hard for me to tell every part. Since i got it i noticed one or two things that have worried me into thinking its not standard! SO i then did some digging on the Internet and found the old WR1OC site and searched for my WR1 No.434!! To my horror i found a previous owner showing this with huge amounts of mods? The suspension is KYB shocks with prodrive springs,front and rear strut braces.There is a rear spliter fitted which is a APR copy to channel the air under the car better.On the inside is the standard WR1 interior with the edition of a Alpine CD player(Not that you will listern to it much)It also comes with STI Genome Defi Gauges which show oil temp,oil pressure and boost complete with the controler for them.Most of the work has been done on the Engine and brakes. Engine Mods- Roger Clark Motorsport GT35 turbo with 1.5bar accuator and Turbo Jacket 800cc Injectors APS top mount Intercooler Custom 3" Exhaust with both Cats Replaced(still got them for MOT) Heat Wraped Stainless Manifold Custom 3"Turbo Pipe Wing mounted air filter Forge Dump Valve Oil catch can Simtek ECU remaped by JGM to around 380-390bhp at 1.5bar Brakes- Standard Brembo calipers Drilled and grooved Discs with mintex pads The tyres which are toyo Proxes and have at least 5mm of tread on them all,a few of the alloys have been kerbed slightly. The headlights have had a HID kit fitted which improves vastly on the normal lights that were fitted. I have noticed after i bought it that the Hids are still fitted (arent these illegal) and the rear difuser is still there. Also the front disc only are grooved and drilled (are these standard??) Also the suspension is red (no idea if thats normal) but i cant see if its Prodrive standard or somehting else - Where should i look? but from what i can see all the other mods are now gone? As the seller told me this was a standard car and i have insured it as standard am i at risk of being invalid on my insurance and also do i have any comeback to the seller? Im really panicing over this and am now wondering if ive bought a complete dud?? and what to do with the insurance?I just hope its been restored back to standrad properly?? Any help is appreciated Mick
  4. Thanks, he was the previous keeper. All seems good with it anyway. Im looking foreward to seeing what SIDC events there will be next year.
  5. Picked the car up today. Drives really well and goes well just needs a couple of tiny points sorting. 1. Very tiny 3mm bubble on a rear arch to sort and the wheels need refurbishment (if any one knows a god place near Leeds). The car is number 434 of 500. Any history on here??
  6. So i wil take ownership of a tidy WR1 on Saturday from JCTcars in Rotherham (heard good reviews on them) as a second car and investment. Really looking forward to it as its 10 years since i last owned an Impreza and the WR1 is in my opinion good looking and rapid. Im looking forward to getting back into the scene and attending a few meets/shows with my son (12) who is very excited. The reg of the WR1 is FL54 OSM - Cant remember the number of 500. Does anyone know it? Used to own it? its got a disconnected turbo timer on it which id love to know why its disconnected? Apart from this its a standard car. Mick
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