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  1. MattJamesWrx89

    Smoke on tick over

    That’s brilliant thank you guys, plus you’ve helped me fill my Sunday afternoon 😂 👍🏻
  2. MattJamesWrx89

    Smoke on tick over

    That would make sense as I’m topping up with oil probably every 4/6 weeks. I probably have to top her up around 1/2 to 1 litre. Like I said I have a lot to learn so any advice is appreciated thanks guys.
  3. MattJamesWrx89

    Smoke on tick over

    No that’s a great help thank you, any advice is appreciated at the moment as I’m still kind of new to the scooby world. But it’s more when it’s been running a while for example if I’ve driven it for more than half an hour let’s say then I come to a stand still and sit there, occasionally you would see a suspicious cloud of blue smoke but I was sat up at Tesco last night and it was more constant. To which I had probably driven 20 miles (at reasonable driving) might see if I can get a diagnosis somewhere, just a lot of places don’t want to mess with it as it’s abit special for a lot of garages round by me.
  4. MattJamesWrx89

    Smoke on tick over

    Sorry I didn’t put that in, it’s blue smoke and you can smell like a slight burning.
  5. MattJamesWrx89

    Smoke on tick over

    Hi guys, I’m need of some help if available. My wrx 2004 has developed smoke on tick over while warm. It doesn’t do it during normal driving eg. Anything from 1500 and 4000 rpm but if I stamp the loud pedal it smokes at high rpm or just before changing gear, then if I’m sat still for any longer than about 2 minutes I’ll occasionally or more often recently get some smoke. I’ve been told a couple of things like turbo seals or valve stems... thought I’d ask some people that might actually know a thing or 2 about scoobys. Cheers guys, would much appreciate the help. Matt
  6. MattJamesWrx89

    USC santa pod

    Is anyone going to ultimate street car on the Saturday near kidderminster?
  7. MattJamesWrx89

    Jap show at Santa Pod

    Will there be anyone going to the Jap Show at santa pod on the 10th June? Or a stand? Also is anyone near kidderminster or surrounding area that would want to meet up?
  8. MattJamesWrx89

    Fast show santa pod

    Cheers stano
  9. MattJamesWrx89

    Fast show santa pod

    Ahhh that’s interesting, well again if anyone is going or would like to I’m happy to meet up or anything.
  10. MattJamesWrx89

    Fast show santa pod

    I would’ve come to that 1 but unfortunately I have work. Are there any events that SIDC will have a stand? I’m usually up santa pod or most probably either donnington or Silverstone for the trax events?
  11. MattJamesWrx89

    Fast show santa pod

    Yeah that would be good, if anyone is coming from the kidderminster way (or close) I’m happy to meet up on the morning or something?
  12. MattJamesWrx89

    Fast show santa pod

    Is there anyone going to the fast show at santa pod on the 15th? If so is there a meet or anything like that? If so is anyone meeting up there at all?
  13. MattJamesWrx89

    Sunroof rubber seal

    Ahhh that’s brill cheers, I’ll give that a go today IF the snows stays away long enough
  14. MattJamesWrx89

    Sunroof rubber seal

    Hi guys, on my 2004 wrx I have suddenly developed a leak coming from the light in the front of the car (I also have a sunroof) now I’m taking a hazardous guess that the sunroof is the cause, but didn’t know whether there is an overflow pipe from the roof or anything else it could be. Would the safest bet be to get another sunroof rubber seal and where from as these things seem to be like gold dust, as I understand the sunroof isn’t as common as I thought! Thanks guys
  15. MattJamesWrx89

    2004 WRX wind deflectors

    Sorry pal, haven’t been able to get on for a while. No I never managed to get my hands on any as I had a few commitments going on. But I do have intentions of getting some in the near future so Thankyou for the recommendation I’ll have a look thankyou.