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    Subaru Impreza WRX 2004
  1. 2004 WRX wind deflectors

    Brilliant cheers guys I’ll give them a go thanks
  2. 2004 WRX wind deflectors

    Quick question, does anyone know if wind deflectors exist for my scooby? It’s a 2004 WRX but everywhere I’ve tried eBay, amazon etc doesn’t even seem to recognise it, 2008-onwards is all it finds. Cheers guys.
  3. Snowflakes

    I’d put a picture up but it’s saying my image is too big! Good picture aswel
  4. Air conditioning pulley and tensioner

    It was already broke before by the looks of things as it was already worn and put big washers on it just to be able to use it but thanks for the tip
  5. Hi does anybody know if there is an upgrade part for the air conditioning pulley, or more to the point the stupid plastic adaptor. Eg... a metal adaptor rather than a plastic 1? Cheers matt
  6. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    Yeah will deffo cover the engine, it’s like dust when you disrupt it! Thanks for the advice I’ll let you know how I get on
  7. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    Yeah they do look abit sketchy to be fair. Just gets everywhere it’s like dust now... as soon as I touch it, it just desintergrates!
  8. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    That’s brilliant thankyou buddy, yeah I’ll give him a call thanks
  9. Hi guys, need some help finding a bonnet liner as my wrx 1 has flaked and gone all like cardboard. Is there any suggestions for websites or anyone that has 1 kicking around possibly? Its for a wrx 2004 but haven’t had much luck on eBay cheers for any help.
  10. New user to SIDC

    Ahhh ok so it’s not definitely going then? Just seemed high to other cars I’ve had/driven. And yeah that’s brilliant. cheers for the advice ??
  11. New user to SIDC

    Hi guys, yeah definitely want to attend some events but I do not use Facebook so is there a way of finding events in other ways and yes I’m sure to hear off some people from the mad house haha. Bought the car with quite a high clutch pedal... is this adjustable or definitely the clutch on its way out, I’ve heard a couple of stories suggesting it could have an adjustable clutch but I’m not sure. Thanks
  12. New user to SIDC

    Hi, I’m new to this forum thing but I’m not new to been a Subaru lover. Recently bought my first impreza wrx 2004. Had the SIDC sticker on the back window and thought I’d see what the fuss was about. Erm anything I should look out for whilst owning my scooby let me know (I’m new to the ownership) also if anyone knows this car from previously putting this sticker on let me know. Be good to hear from you I believe the car was from gloustershire, then went upto Wakefield where I purchased it from it’s now back in the West Midlands. Keen to do events, meets etc CW04RZA. Cheers matt.