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  1. Welcome to the SIDC! That's a cracking shot of your FSTi in action!
  2. Yes, please do! Full dyno print out once complete 0-60 mph test & 1/4 mile run on a drag strip Recording your G's on a skidpan Calculated theoretical top speed & braking distances, or better yet an airstrip!
  3. Welcome Supa. Great to see another Forester onboard! Would love to see a picture of the Classic Impreza Wagon too!
  4. Welcome back. How are you finding the Leggy so far? It looks fantastic in WR Blue!
  5. Hope everyone had a good Christmas 🎄 Happy New Year to all! 🎆
  6. Welcome to the SIDC What shape and spec Impreza did you go for?
  7. Welcome It would be great to see some before and after pics once the restoration is complete.
  8. Welcome back. Good luck with the search!
  9. and welcome. Would love to see some pictures of the Rex!
  10. Welcome Andy. That's a very tidy Foz you got there 👍 What brakes do you have on it?
  11. Welcome Adrian. I love the way all the STI logos pop on the darker colours!
  12. Welcome Matthew. Loving the look of your Hawkeye, can't wait to see more of it!
  13. Very nice. I remember seeing your 2006 FSTI alongside Fleetwood's FSTi at Prodrive Subaru - The Final Gathering & 30th Anniversary on Sunday 8th June 2014. Both very tidy looking examples 👌
  14. welcome. That's a beaut you got there!
  15. Welcome back! That’s a very nice list of Subaru’s you’ve owned I’d love to see some pictures of them! I’m looking forward to seeing your Hatch at Rallyday.
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