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  1. Very nice. I remember seeing your 2006 FSTI alongside Fleetwood's FSTi at Prodrive Subaru - The Final Gathering & 30th Anniversary on Sunday 8th June 2014. Both very tidy looking examples 👌
  2. welcome. That's a beaut you got there!
  3. Welcome back! That’s a very nice list of Subaru’s you’ve owned I’d love to see some pictures of them! I’m looking forward to seeing your Hatch at Rallyday.
  4. How about a 3.5L F1 Subaru 1235 B12?! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subaru_1235 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiotto_Caspita
  5. Pretty much, good luck!
  6. It would appear to be a SF Forester of some description, resprayed in WR Blue Mica with a Blobeye STI hood scoop, Bugeye headlights and a customised/aftermarket front bumper. Those are some awesome Scoobs Floz!
  7. https://rogerclarkmotorsport.co.uk/store/product/736-willall-racing-subaru-ej20-billet-block
  8. Good luck getting it sorted, hope you get it back on the road soon. Would love to see it at one of the many shows SIDC attends!
  9. Most likely these ones then - https://www.maxpeedingrods.co.uk/Complete-Coilovers-Kit-for-Subaru-Forester-1998-2002-Adjustable-Height-Shocks.html?year=1999&carmake=Subaru&carmodel=Forester I imagine it's very fun in the twistys as well as the straights!
  10. Welcome back! I don’t see many Prodrive Foresters, very nice. What coilovers did you go for?
  11. Welcome back to the Scooby fold! It was nice to meet you both at Simply Japanese. The car looks & sounds great with that lovely Prodrive exhaust note.
  12. Looks like the SVRX has S203/S204 wheels. I found this after some searching!
  13. STImulation

    Supercar Fest

    Are you going to this @Pete britton?
  14. Welcome to the Subaru family. Looking forward to the pictures!
  15. No, I don't. I was just browsing & saw your post. Nice photo.
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