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  1. STImulation

    Supercar Fest

    Are you going to this @Pete britton?
  2. Welcome to the Subaru family. Looking forward to the pictures!
  3. No, I don't. I was just browsing & saw your post. Nice photo.
  4. Welcome Lockheed. Great to see you on SIDC! I saw your post on SF.org about Simply Japanese at Beaulieu. SIDC will be having a club stand there if you’d like to join us?
  5. 👍
  6. STImulation

    Supercar Fest

    Ticket purchased! Can’t wait, this is going to be awesome!
  7. Tidy RB320 Roy Have you got any pictures of the Classics?
  8. Welcome Kyle. All very good advice above. If you want a Hawkeye WRX with the EJ205 you could also have a look into the import route. Japanese examples tend to be less likely to suffer from rust & generally have lower mileage. Another benefit would be even cheaper road tax than UK Blobs & early 06 Hawks. £255 a year vs £315 a year currently. Couple of specs & brochures for JDM Hawks JDM WRX Hawk specs: http://www.goo-net-exchange.com/catalog/SUBARU__IMPREZA/10034669/ JDM WRX Hawk brochure March 2006: http://a15ff11300g.sakura.ne.jp/catalogue/GD.GGimpreza/2006.03 impreza WRX/2006.03 impreza WRX.html JDM WRX Hawk brochure November 2006: http://a15ff11300g.sakura.ne.jp/catalogue/GD.GGimpreza/2006.11 imprezaWRX/2006.11 imprezaWRX.html JDM WRX Hawk WR-Limited specs: http://www.goo-net-exchange.com/catalog/SUBARU__IMPREZA/10029166/ JDM WRX Hawk WR-Limited brochure: http://a15ff11300g.sakura.ne.jp/catalogue/GD.GGimpreza/2005.8 impreza WRX WR-Limited 2005/2005.8 impreza WRX WR-Limited 2005.html The UK has some cracking special editions to keep a look out for too. Blobeye WRX 300 (PPP as standard) brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Tg7ZPMAwxqUGNuSDhDSFFLTlU/view Blobeye & Hawkeye WRX SL. Comes with heated leather seats + sunroof as standard & the option of the Prodrive Performance Pack. When looking for the PPP, always ask to see the certificate of authenticity as some owners never applied the silver sticker of authenticity to the car, preferring to keep it with the rest of the paper work. If the sticker is on the car, its generally located on the inner frame when you open the driver’s door, although I’ve seen them in various places ranging from the engine bay to the top of the driver’s sun visor… Here is a picture of things to look out for on a PPP equipped WRX, although it may have had additional modifications since the PPP was fitted. I believe the silicone intercooler Y-pipe was available in both blue & red. Prodrive recommend that 18’’ wheels & tyres are to be fitted to PPP equipped WRX's, so you may find a nice set of Prodrive or STI alloys fitted on the car too! A very rare option included the Prodrive 330mm Alcon Brake Conversion Kit as seen on the Subaru Impreza P1. I have not seen many Subaru's with this option fitted. Blobeye WRX PPP brochure: https://impreza.co/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2003-WRX-PPP-Brochure.pdf Hawkeye WRX PPP brochure: https://impreza.co/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2006-WRX-PPP-Brochure.pdf Hawkeye WRX GB270 (PPP as standard) brochure (Higher road tax of £540): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Tg7ZPMAwxqeUdXVjZTYklMSWc/view
  9. Welcome Anthony. There are lots of good shows & runs to choose from in the events calendar. +1 for some pics of your Scooby!
  10. Welcome back. Like the 555 plate 😎
  11. Happy 2019 everyone! 🎆 Looking forward to all the awesome SIDC events planned for this year!
  12. Welcome! Interesting read Very clean Forester! Would love to see and hear more about the Forester, especially after the remap
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