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  1. Yes the wheels are the standard 17s.so out just the pcd then what about the offset and 5he width. So many questions I have .
  2. That's great thank you We have been offered a 2005 exhust of a wrx I think it's a straight pipe? And a back box do you know if this will fit? i think mine has 2 cats.so will the straight pipe take away the second cat and give us more of a better sound.but still pass an mot (not due till 2018)
  3. Hope this is the right place for this post.sorry if it's not.iv recently bought a 2007 wrx and I'm looking to personalise it a we bit.its got a s/s back box but my 2 young boys want to make it louder.what exactly do I need?don't want to do away with both cats if possible. They all so want to change the wheels.what size fits it? We are trying to make it a car that we can do as a dad and boys car lol iv not modified a car for years.we have bought a set of tien coilovers the advance z I think they are (Any Information on these like a good set up. not to bumpy as I'm getting old).we don't want it to low lots of speed bumps about.thanks