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  1. sigma M30 Dead

    yes mate. Quoted £350 for rip out and replace and part cost 9p ...love it
  2. sigma M30 Dead

    I do like an electrical challenge. What I don't like is not being able to find run of the mill bits that usually get thrown away......proper mission to get 2 port boost hoses with pill and solenoid multiplug...some twat fitted at 3 port.messed with wiring.no remap and wondered why it overboosted../now im back tracking
  3. sigma M30 Dead

    Yes mate.Main power input diode 1406 written on it .surface mount but replaced it with 20v 1amp diode AND IT WORKED {not smd}
  4. sigma M30 Dead

    UPDATE Alarm sorted... Blown diode on main ecu.
  5. sigma M30 Dead

    Thanks mate will compare tomorrow and get back to you. this for uk my99/00 yeh?
  6. sigma M30 Dead

    what connects up to the turbo feed pipe on the larger connector. (above the "O" of opposed) hth. Its been blanked?!?!
  7. sigma M30 Dead

    that's a great start thank you. Looks like i,m looking for a 2 port solenoid as it has a three on it for some reason. Any more hose diagrams from engine bay ie canister area. Actually all diagrams if you have . Thanks buddy
  8. Hi all bought a my99 uk turbo and the alarm is dead. Keypad blinks loads of times when pushing button with the ignition on but does nothing when ignition is off. Keyfob blinks as it should but alarm does nothing. Car starts and drives. When starting car occasionally get a chirp from alarm but that's it. I have the original keyfob and serial number and original pin code card. I am asking if anybody can send my the original installation wiring diagram as would like to get alarm working again. Looks like the wiring has been chopped about behind drivers dash. Also does anybody have any pics of vacuum hose setup from turbo to boost solenoid and any other boost pipes. I have looked every,spent hours trying to get info on the original layout of the hoses.I know im pushing my luck but only just bought the car.(mad bad impulse buy coz I missed having a Scooby so much) now kicking myself and contemplating breaking it for parts