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  1. New Sti owner

  2. HI all!

  3. Soon to be new owner

    Welcome. I Love my 15 sti. Its a real head turner and i always get postive comments. I test drove a Gt86...lovely to drive and great driving position but didnt seem to have much guts in it.
  4. 2015 WRX STi

    Thanks - the driver was my mothers neighbours son, so the family are paying for repair, hes got form so they asked to keep the police and insurance out if it £4ks worth of damage! Ive seen a few videos of the H&S system and they sound the dogs! Im the other side of the country, Cardiff
  5. 2015 WRX STi

    I like the look of the H&S exhaust, I fancy making my 15 STI purr a bir louder. Whats your thoughts on it? Ive had mine since June and its in the garage for a 2nd time after being hit by an uninsured driver in xmas eve
  6. Hi All

    Thanks! Ive only taken one pic yet and its not the best ill get post some later when i get home
  7. Hi All

    Hi all, New to the forum and the scooby community as a whole. Ive had my wrx sti for 4 days and am absolutely in love with it already. I've come from a 2.0 GT scirocco (which was a terrible car). Looking forward to hopefully joining some meets in the near future Cheers