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  1. Welcome πŸ‘ looks like your going to have some great fun....
  2. Welcome it looks very nice, yes meets this year will be great, hopefully see you at a fewπŸ‘
  3. Good man ... and welcome πŸ‘
  4. All the best it does look good. Great wr blue πŸ‘
  5. Well that's a nice Β£ 750,00 million start to the project........ €31000 each I'd rather a nice type RA with perspex windows 🀣
  6. Hello Mathew.... Looks like some great work being done thereπŸ‘
  7. Yes and welcome.... nice looking STI πŸ‘
  8. Well nice part 2 Tony πŸ‘ I was going to say I hope you got home safely!!? Also wish I booked a track session now 😫 will be ready for next time..
  9. Good idea Lockheed 😁 thers another 3 to find starting from 1996.... thay did great job with the sovereigns πŸ˜ƒ...........
  10. Nice car Joe 😁 welcome.....
  11. Well after missing last year due to my girlfriend not being very well!!😑 I'm thinking of trying again? possibly staying over?? Any one interested? Mybe hire a camper or mobile home!? I'm going to check some prices......πŸ˜‰.....
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