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  1. leon77

    Happy New Year

    Happy New year everyone 😁 looking forward to 2019.........
  2. leon77

    Storm Trooper is for Sale

    And mine😄
  3. leon77

    Brecondonia 2018


    Don't forget those stickers tomoz floz😀
  4. leon77

    Brecondonia 2018


    Hay that's not fair!!!!😣 make sure it doesn't peel of before Friday he he 🤣🤣
  5. leon77

    Power steering pump

    MOT complete she flew strait through...... now it' time chaps to give these machines a good blast.... just about to leave for a drive round the malverns enjoy the sunshine.....
  6. leon77

    Power steering pump

    Well finally got the car back and no squeal was just down to a lose belt the difference is amazing.... new oil change and all filters new plugs and all fluid change mot on monday so fingers crossed really looking forward to a good run out soon
  7. leon77

    Bonnet release cable

    Well driving back today i notice my bonnet slightly lifting I had it open yesterday giving it a clean just noticed the catch is not engaging!!! So a bit of wd 40 seems to have done the trick.......... looks like another cleaning project.. hope you get catch sorted
  8. leon77

    Twin scroll turbo

    Now that would save me a few quid...
  9. Well whilst having a twin scroll set up I'm starting to miss the burble of the flat4!!!! It' a question I like to ask if anyone else has this type of set up and what do you think? I do like the range of speed it does produce but would love a little more loudness
  10. leon77

    Subaru coin

    Let me know floz if you don' find it I have a couple of spares I've finally bought a album so there all tucked up safe otherwise I'm the same put it somewere too safe and your buggered to find
  11. leon77

    Subaru coin

    Nice what year did you get??? I need the 1996 to complete the set of 4 not very often you get a coin with such iconic machines on them
  12. Just noticed a pool of water in my classic 99 boot spare weel area!! Plus the carpet is a little damp I've noticed it seems to be running down the Boot lid seal to were the lock is and entering through some little holes down to the spare weel not sure how it's working its way under the seal and over again it does look a bit warn now would a new seal solve this problem!!! Around the back lights are good no wet patches just seems to be the seal......
  13. leon77

    Power steering pump

    Wow mine going in next week for mot so hope to sort steering problem otherwise we will be looking for 2 pumps!!!
  14. leon77

    Rusty lower radiator panel

    Wow well its' in the right place now and with getting those bits sorted she will look amazing again and your be glad your back on the road I'm going to be putting mine in the end of year for a full strip down a body spray started noticing bits on mine are slowly getting eaton away I am lucky it' only just started after 20years it can soon take hold... pics when she' finished good luck
  15. leon77

    Power steering pump

    Well I was thinking of checking the bottom end prior to fitting the 0 ring we shall ave a looky good luck scoobyjoff Ile keep you informed on car out come ?