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    Subaru impreza 1999
  1. New A-pillar pods

    Nice set of triple pods floz I've got one pod on the pillar which is my boost gauge with a 3 bar light system but bulbs keeps going and now the light have stoped working!!! my triple pods are in my centre console = oil temp/engine pressure/exhaust temp due to my twin scroll turbo set up... but would love all lights to be the same or change them from dials to digital display??
  2. Winter nights project

    Wow looks like a challenge ahead!!! I bet you enjoy driving that beast how long would that take to build???
  3. My97 type r

    Looks really nice buddy great 2 door trim. Good investment and so much fun....
  4. Car info

    Nice car buddy
  5. Suspension 1999

    Thanks ccrien I've been looking at the KYB shocks for all round and your right I've been informed to check all joints /bushes etc for wear makes perfect sence but maybe lowering the front is good my 1999 model does seem to sit a bit higher at the front...... little bit more saving to do and Ile be good to go.... I will no doubt ask a few more questions near the time thanks guys
  6. Suspension 1999

    That' great info buddy I've been looking at a few of those options as it is the car does handle well so I'm going to really think carefully on my choice I didn't realise there would be all those differnces I'm still a bit new to the cars setup so all this information is fantastic great stuff
  7. 2015 WRX STi

    Wow do you still have the rs2000???
  8. Suspension 1999

    Yes your right I have changed a few bits I've put a white line anti lift kit and drop links on already so with the coilovers she should be good....but there is plenty to do with the project
  9. Suspension 1999

    Thanks mate I've been looking at the coilovers and thay are a bit more cost but I think thay would be better suited... I just feel the car needs a bit more stability now im getting used to the drive I hope I'm going in the right direction !!!??
  10. Im looking at lowering my classic 1999 subaru in the new year but not shore what would be the best option?? It' stock suspension now and would like it 30mm to 50mm lower front and back? Would springs be ok or would i need to change all....also would doing this effect other driving stabilities??

    Happy Christmas and New year too you all 🍷🍾🍻 looking forward to 2018 with the Scooby
  12. Weekend in the simulator

    O yes I've told my girlfriend this would be a great birthday prezzie..... im looking into it already
  13. Weekend in the simulator

    Now that looks fun and interesting!!?
  14. Club Charity for 2018

    I'm all for any charity but one that stands out for me is Alzheimer's society my girlfriends dad suffers from the disease....... i think its starting to affect more and more familes and the understanding on this is very difficult in many ways........ all help would be appreciated....
  15. Funny Place Names

    Well I managed a half day off work today 😁 so took the Scooby for a road blast and stumbled across??? I wondered wye the sign was so low🀣................