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  1. Wales Weekender 1st April 2017

    Hi, sorry mate, I had a busy couple of days in work. It was definitely something I wanted to do but it was a 3 hour drive before I started. As I've just joined the group I'll be more organised in the future,but you will definitely see me on the Brecon loop.
  2. Wales Weekender 1st April 2017

    I live in West Wales so its a nice run upto the start point, it'll be my first trip out as I've only had my car 3 weeks so I'll see you then.
  3. Wales Weekender 1st April 2017

    Hi my plans have changed that weekend and managed to get some annual leave on the Friday. Is this day still on and anyone know how many will be there, thanks
  4. Deep dish steering wheels

    Hi guys, I'm looking to replace my steering wheel with a deep dish race type wheel. My question is the boss kits are quite deep, you've already got the stalk surround, do the boss kits fit on top or do they go inside the tunnel ie loose some of the depth.
  5. Hi from a Subaru newbie.

    Hi, just bought a 2005 impreza wrx, I'm new to the scoobie world but know a little on tuning and stuff. So just like to say hi, I live in sunny west Wales and I'm here to get some knowledge and hopefully find some like minded people.