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  1. 30. Rob - Silver 06 Blob WRX Saloon, Stow on the Wold - Gloucestershire (near enough Oxfordshire) ?
  2. Absolutely! Bit far to do the Wales one but if you do a south coast tour one summer I'd be up for that ???
  3. Just a quick hello from me, I'm Rob and I'm in Gloucestershire. I've got the SIDC sticker in my window so just give us a flash! ?. Hopefully will make it to some of the shows this year, will be good to hang out with you guys. 06 Blob WRX
  4. Exactly! No fun in that, we don't buy scoobs to blend into the background, loud and proud ?. I'll give it a little bit of the magic sauce and see what that's like, failing that I'll definitely look into an adjustable ??
  5. Love them or hate them that's your own opinion but I for one I like them so I'm here asking for some advice. I've currently got a Forge atmospheric bov fitted and it's just not what I thought it would be...It's blowing off at high revs and even then it's not the best sound in the world, sometimes it doesn't even make a sound when I release the accelerator...My question to you guys is, is there a good bov that makes a good noise at lowish revs without breaking the bank? I'm quite a noob to engine mods so apologies. TIA ?
  6. Tbh I thought that's what it was when I saw it in the shop. If you make it into a grill badge put me down for 1 ??
  7. Hi All, Noobie chucking in my two pence, Grill badge maybe? ?
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