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  1. TheDong

    Secondary air intake pump question

    You can also leave all the stuff in place and disable the system on the ecu, as long as the valves are all closed there will be no issue........
  2. TheDong

    Softer ride on my STI?

    I work on them everyday I know they are different lol
  3. TheDong

    Softer ride on my STI?

    I refer to older vehicles, I never said I was referring to a 2016 sti. You jumped to the wrong conclusion .......
  4. TheDong

    What's happened

    Ah mctwit fancy seing you here
  5. TheDong

    Softer ride on my STI?

    The sti and wrx have a different hub on the front so they won't even fit on. The rears will match up but fronts won't
  6. TheDong

    Softer ride on my STI?

    Same as a 12 on saloon actualy
  7. TheDong

    Softer ride on my STI?

    Coilovers are far cheaper than struts and springs...........
  8. 10 years later I have revisited the first club I joined. Where is all the chat and banter?? This club needs serious revival. STUM450N and his true grip, Kim and her cronies, where has it all gone? All I can now see is The Don...... still posting pish microfiches up that don't help anyone. Hardly any posts in years. This forum used to be booming and brilliant. Get it back on track or it will be gone soon enough...............
  9. The sti rear suspension knocks due to the poor rake angle set from the factory, you can lower the car 20mm at the rear to pass by the point of the knock
  10. TheDong

    been a while.... muckle changes

    You really could do with a 12v heater in there, heaters are for woman
  11. TheDong

    Softer ride on my STI?

    In my experience, if you want a better ride fit kyb ultra Sr adjustable damping struts. Failing that you may want to get some decent expensive coilovers