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  1. Possible Events for 2017

  2. Which shows for 2017

    June-July this year is going to be up in the air. Wife and I found out we are having another child due at the end of July, but I should be good to go again come September! Soo stoked to see events rolling in. Cant wait!!
  3. Just moved from The States

    Thanks, @db scoob!
  4. Went to pick up some new coils and saw this little number in the lot.
  5. Just moved from The States

    Haha howdy! I appreciate the warm welcome. Cant wait to see it. I'm supposed to be getting all of my household goods (yay, racing helmet and pressure washer!!) this upcoming week, so I'll be all ready to get out there. The only event I'm aware of so far is Jap Fest, thanks to Top Gear S22E8.
  6. Just moved from The States

    Hey! Wife and I just moved here from The States with our '15 WRX and '16 XV Looking forward to meeting some new people and becoming an active part of the car scene here. A fellow enthusiast recommended I join SIDC and SIOC the other day when I met him on RAF Alconbury. Thanks again, Bro!