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  1. Tuning & Remapping in Lincoln

    Hi, I've just got back from a drive in my mates 2011 STI. And he's just got his remapped by "Pat" at scoobyclinic. He can not stop praising how good Pat and the guys at scoobyclinic are at mapping, the car runs brilliantly and at a safe 370hp and 411ftlb (he's got a lot of supporting mods). I've personally been to scoobyclinic a couple of times and they are great, full of knowledge and expertise.

    They should bring back the death penalty for people who key scoobies or at the very least chop their fingers off! ???
  3. 5830b69b5bcbd-WP-20161119-11-21-57-Pro(2).jpg

    It's like scooby heaven!!! Some amazing pictures, loving the classics!
  4. Hi eveyone

    Welcome Bill, is that the hatch or saloon version? i drive the 2.5 STI as well and the engines a master piece, hopefully getting a remap later in the year to free up some extra ponies.
  5. Softer ride on my STI?

    Thanks everyone for the info
  6. Another new member

    Hi Ben, welcome! I waited 18 years until I was in a position to finally get one. Best thing I've ever done, best car I've ever driven... ...living the dream!! Classics are my favourite!
  7. Softer ride on my STI?

    Thanks everyone for you comments and suggestions Lol to be honest, it's more my wife not liking the ride, if I can find a solution to the problem I'm sure I'll be able to keep the car forever... ...if not I'll just have to get rid of the wife ??? I've been in contact with a lot of coilover manufactures and they have informed me to stay with the stock setup, because 99% of all coilovers normally give a firmer ride over stock... ...in general. I've also been in touch with subispeed in the U.S, who work on the latest WRX and STI and they think the WRX suspension will fit directly onto the STI. This could be an option, as the WRX is apparently a much more comfortable daily driver. I've also spoken to Subaru uk who maybe able to order it in and fit it and keep the warranty in tact. ?
  8. Softer ride on my STI?

    Lol to be honest, it's more my wife not liking the ride, if I can find a solution to the problem I'm sure I'll be able to keep the car forever... ...if not I'll just have to get rid of the wife ???
  9. Air Oil Separator

    I've just taken my oil catch can off, as after 5000 miles, not one drop of oil in the can. I spoke to scoobyclinic and they told me unless you've got a more aggressive tuned STI e.g larger turbo etc installed. Not really beneficial on a stock STI. It's a waste of money. I guess they were right. Saying that, if your car isn't stock an AOS is the one I'd go for as it requires less maintenance. ?
  10. Softer ride on my STI?

    Lol yeah I've brought the right car lol but thought there might be some options out there to improve the ride?
  11. Hi everyone, I've got a 2016 WRX STI and I'm looking at some how making the ride more comfortable. I've looked into coilovers but in general, they seem to firm up the ride. Does any one know of a suspension setup I can buy that will make the car ride like a typical family salon. Or a company that can adjust the stock dampers/springs in anyway? thanks in advance
  12. Hey up from Sheffield

    Welcome, love the classic scooby... ...still the best in my view!!
  13. Hi guys

    Hi and welcome, sounds like you have a great scooby. I'm testing out an Injen cold air intake on 31st of this month, to see what kind of power I get from it and if the air/fuel ratios are safe. I'll be testing it on the dyno at scoobyclinic. I'll be putting a posting on sidc with the results. Not sure if Injen make an intake for the 1999 model, if they do, this might interest you. cheers chris