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  1. Nurburgring 2016

    that's good to hear, but keep it amongst us for now!
  2. Nurburgring 2016

    A Nurburgring trip would be great, I'd be up for any plans people have. Been 4 times, never with the WRX though so keen on seeing how it fairs on the Ring. Would be interested in getting some driver tuition from RSR as It would be a first time in a four wheel drive car, so it'll be a different challenge than then BMW's I've been on their before with. For sure the cost of loosing it is steep, but drive within your own abilities and you'll have a fantastic experience.
  3. New Blobeye Wagon Member

    Oh and here's the H&S exhaust system, love the standard look back box. It's their 2.5" system so can't wait to have it on the car. High flow cat down isn't through centre and the twin port back box
  4. New Blobeye Wagon Member

    Hi Folks! Rich here in Lanark, Scotland. A year ago I found my 2003 Blobeye Impreza Wagon WRX, totally standard, 1 owner wagon with 84k miles. There were 2 in the country at that time, but the other was in Sussex and a stretch too far to go see. I work abroad most weeks so wanted a fast, practical car for the kids and dog at the weekend, but a car I didn't mind leaving at an airport 5 days a week. Well of course it's become way more than that to me, I love it and of course, now the fun begins. Just received my Hayward & Scott turbo back stainless system, mishimoto rad, fans, catch can, Silicon hoses, turbo inlet, walbro fuel pump and some service parts (plugs, filters etc). All getting fitted by Shennan Motorsport over here in New Cumnock on a recommendation from Andy Forrest, who's giving the car his Level 1 tune in a few weeks time! Hoping that Paul at Shennan Motorsport can give me some future plans after a review of the car, so who knows where I'll go next with it. I know running gear will need attention. Love that flat 4 and love my 3am Monday morning blat through the forest roads to the airport on a Monday morning! Hoping to meet up with some of you, maybe hit the track as well?! cheers, Rich