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  1. Looking for some advice when i purchased my WRX sti rep i done a cardinal sin i rushed into it and focused on mileage. after bought from a dealer MOT was done day of purchase. my brother who is a mechanic gave it a once over as my kids were going to be in the car. and lo and be hold it shouldn't have past MOT. rear shocker had no fluid could lift the wheel right into the arch. front stabilizing arms had no rubber in the so rattled and knocked. took it back to be told was MOT pass and basicaly tough. forked out 300 quid to have replaced as was not road worthy. about a month later took back to my brother to check car thoroughly and discovered the CAT had moved and damaged the spindle in the turbo so would need to replace, decided to sell bought for 6500 sold for 3000 as didnt have the time or funds. as to get the car to a standard to reflect its heritage it required full respray and all four alloys refurbed. i walked into Arnold clarck and walked out with a 64 plate ford focus 1.5 tdci ecoboost nice car but after 6 months it bores me. i miss the sound, looks, speed, acceleration, attention, and prestige of the Subaru. I want to get it right this time there are alot of very nice examples out there but would like some do's and donts and i will be researching and not jumping at the first one i see with go faster tinted specs. ive looked at WRX and STI age 03 to 07 but i want something different and a bit special something to nurture care for. i want a piece of Subaru history and prestige. Currently i am looking at a Subaru Trezo 1997 any advice on what to expect and look for. Budget - £6000 at a push £7000
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