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  1. New member

    Hi and welcome
  2. Midlands Tick 15th May

    2nd that. Hope you get sorted soon Ben! Great to meet you guys.
  3. Midlands Tick 15th May

  4. Midlands Tick 15th May

    Is this still on ?
  5. I'm back

    Welcome back! What colour have you gone for?
  6. WRX 06 to Ford Focus Zetec S 15

    Sound advice. You think you would be able to trust a dealer that should offer a warranty or have a reputation to uphold! Good luck with the purchase!
  7. She is very understanding!
  8. Newbie

    Thanks, keeping an eye out for local events/meets in the summer!
  9. Situation Diffused

    Looks Good!
  10. Newbie

    After a recent purchase of a hawkeye wrx I thought i would get on here and say hi. I am in the Lincolnshire area.