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    That's great stano. Tvm for the update. I'll be sure to give him a call when the time comes. Don't actually get the car until March as my bruv is getting it serviced and new drivebelts for me, then I'm doing the brakes (needs new discs) and the timing belt will need replacing soon after. Can't wait to get it, been on my bucket list for a long time
  2. Newbie Impreza owner

    Cheers I'll give that a look
  3. Newbie Impreza owner

    Hi stano. That's very helpful, thanks very much. I'd appreciate an update on how it goes if you don't mind. Cheers Phil
  4. Newbie Impreza owner

    Hello,I'm about to get my first ImprezaAn 03 blobeye Sti ppp. The car has been looked after, and has had one or two further mods.It currently belongs to my brother who is downsizing his collection, so I jumped at the chance to buy it.Always wanted one and I'm looking forward to owning it.I currently own a Mazda RX8 which I have spent a few years modding and improving. It's now time for more power!Can anyone recommend a good specialist in the Bedfordshire or Surrounding areas, as the cam belt will need replacing this year? I do a lot of my own repairs, mods and servicing but not cam belts ?. I've heard of Scoobyworld in Leicester, are they any good or is there an as good/better one nearer to me?My brother is 200 miles away so he doesn't know of any by me.Any other tips on owning and running one would be appreciated.Sorry for all the questions at once but hopefully there are some nice people here who will take the time to answer.Thanks in advance,Phil