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  1. Cheers mate, with ur reassurance am gna go for it, will tell u 2 morrow if the deals went through, thanks again, the bmw good for comfort but lacks the smiles per mile by the sounds of things they've actually been struggling to sell it, been sitting there for a few months,
  2. The car looks mint, done 72000 miles and to be honest I would or will go down and buy it tomorrow, it was my brother that told me how much on glasses guide it should be, I want an unmolested uk300 but now have doubts as the price seems to high and I have spent a lot on the bmw since I got it, thanks for your reply
  3. Hi just want some valuable info , away to look at 2001 reg wrx uk 300 at fife suburu, gna swap my bmw msport 57 plate plus cash , but have been told 7000 is way to much for this car , can anyone check and tell me if it's worth it
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