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  1. stano4130

    The old girl still hanging in there

    68mpg is a bit much for a scoob even in neutral.
  2. stano4130

    Fast show santa pod

    Will let you know Matt.
  3. stano4130

    Fast show santa pod

    I was at Santa Pod last week for the Festival of Power. Unfortunately I am away the weekend of the 15th. But might be heading that way again on the 26th May for the FIA Main event
  4. stano4130

    Subaru coin

    This little beauty came in the post last night.
  5. stano4130

    Power steering pump

    Eurocarparts seem to have a sale at the moment. 40% off car batteries.
  6. stano4130

    Power steering pump

    Just so happens i have the same problem with my old bucket. On start up steering is very heavy. After running for few minutes then everything seems fine. My battery looks to have seen better days. So might start there.
  7. stano4130


    At least now I know my ABC
  8. stano4130

    Subaru coin

    They are going for £5 on ebay. Considering making a purchase.
  9. stano4130


    I don't see Silverstone on the calendar for this year.
  10. stano4130

    New A-pillar pods

    Why didn't I think of that before spending £100's getting them installed.
  11. stano4130

    New A-pillar pods

    they do sell various colour ranges, no need to change bulbs. I purchased the Green to match my dash. Propsport prob not the best name in gauges, but they seem to be fairly accurate. Only had it a few months now, guess time will tell on how reliable they are.
  12. stano4130

    New A-pillar pods

    Yea prosport super green. They switch green when lights are on and white when off. Only problem is they are fairly bright at night.
  13. stano4130

    New A-pillar pods

    Finally got mine on ebay after searching months to find a genuine A pillar for my06 WRX.
  14. stano4130

    TRAX - Silverstone

    Gutted won't make it this year. Won't be in the country.