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  1. Carefull they might dare you to swap the scooby for an Evo.😲😲
  2. I've had to confiscate my daughters Ipad because of this. Some sick Sh!t. What has Momo got you doing.
  3. Hi Kyle If your looking for a hawk, I would recommend getting the early 06 if your lucky enough to get one. Your wallet will thank you. As road tax on the later registered models went up well over the £500 mark. Whereas the earlier models were half that. Strange though, same engine/same emissions.
  4. If your close to the Hertfordshire area, I would be more than happy to take you for a drive to get a feel for the ride quality.
  5. I have the BR Series, it was a choice between the BC or Tein, Unfortunately I did not have enough cash for the Tein, so went for the BC as they also had some very good reviews They are extremely firm, and even on the softest setting they are firmer than OEM. but when I crank the dampers up a notch the car really seems to grip the road, but you will feel every pebble on the road my ride height is set as standard, as I am not to keen on ripping my bumber off every time I hit a speedbump. before deciding to part with your hard earned cash, I would shop around as
  6. Hi Hackisfun Welcome. I currently drive an 06 WRX and I have gone with the whiteline 24mm rear and 22mm front with the rear setting on No 2 under suggestion from FB Tuning with CDF droplinks front and rear and BC Coil overs. I recon if you planning on doing a lot of track days then a bigger ARB would offer much less body roll, but will not be very comfortable for everyday driving. Especially considering you looking to install ARB/Strut's & Coilovers But that's just my 2cents, and I am not mechanically gifted. 😀
  7. I was at Santa Pod last week for the Festival of Power. Unfortunately I am away the weekend of the 15th. But might be heading that way again on the 26th May for the FIA Main event
  8. This little beauty came in the post last night.
  9. Eurocarparts seem to have a sale at the moment. 40% off car batteries.
  10. Hey Andrew. Welcome to the madhouse. Any pics of the ride.
  11. Just so happens i have the same problem with my old bucket. On start up steering is very heavy. After running for few minutes then everything seems fine. My battery looks to have seen better days. So might start there.
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