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  1. My Scoobie for sale

    Hi everyone im selling my Subaru impreza GX amazing looking car 80,000 on the clock check it out on autotrader website if interested, the reason for sale is cause im about to get a Subaru impreza Hatchback sti, my details is there on the site thanks Alex http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201608026416972?search-target=usedcars&make=subaru&radius=5&page=1&postcode=so533pf&sort=atcustom&searchcontext=default&onesearchad=new%2Cnearlynew%2Cused&logcode=p&adPos=2 0
  2. Hello everyone

    Hey Mike welcome to the club?✌
  3. Hello good evening!!!!!

    just a quick questions, about Japfest 24th of april

    > i have bought the stand ticket plus my entry ticket, but i havent had anything yet, ticket, information or what to do next, so im just a bit confused, also what time i have to be there by, as this is the first time im doing this, could you help me out.



    1. scoobiefloz


      Hi Alex,

      Don't worry, no-one has had any tickets yet. The Japfest organisers decided that they would send out the tickets this year which is why you had to purchase them from the Japfest website and not from us, this has caused lots of confusion and some people I think may have event purchased the wrong tickets but I have no way of knowing. I expect you will receive them in the next week or two. I will post any updates on the forum regarding any meeting times and when everyone needs to be there as soon as we are told. We are usually asked to be in the circuit and setup for 09:00 which is when the public are allowed in. We will probably get there for about 07:00 as there is normally a queue to get in but like a said I will update everyone when we know more.



    2. gayboyscooby


      Ok, thats great thank you

  4. My babe

    My boy Walker
  5. New Here

    Hello, good evening everyone, i have just joined the club, im absolutely new to all this, its very exciting for me, so i just wanted to say hi
  6. My baby

    My boy!!!!