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  1. Hey all I recently got my wings replaced and quarter panels welded and the paintwork done due to rust which I was completely happy with on collection of the car from a reputable bodyshop. Ive been on holiday for a week and on return washed the vehicle as I normally would ... Ive noticed the spoiler is now uneven looking on the top and underneath and am wondering if it could be the heat from the oven or something else. The spoiler had a good shiny paint surface before the other work was done. I intend to contact the bodyshop but just wondered if anyone had experienced anything like this before. Thanks
  2. Bodyshop Paint Repair Spoiler Attack

    Hi again I went in to see the bodyshop ... and most of the guys who worked on the car came out to inspect it ! It seems I had an unusual problem. Turns out it was most likely heat from the oven that did it as it was rippled over the top & underneath the spoiler. It was added to the car and painted back in 2006 and the equivalent of taking the car out in the desert ... shit happens! I did get an apology but they reckoned it would never fix up the same again. RIP spoiler, it looks ok from certain angles and still did me proud in the Subaru parade at Knockhill recently. Still living and learning with my scoob ...
  3. The world's most bizarre traffic laws

    Brilliant !!
  4. Annoying Alarm

    Hi there ages since Ive posted but I wanted some advice. I have seen this issue but struggling to search on here now. I have a factory sigma alarm on my 2001 wrx which for some time has when activating / de-activating the right indicator light sticks on. I have had various advice. Recently, it stuck on overnight and drained my 10 year old battery (which I have now replaced). Its becoming a major problem and Ive been quoted massively by main dealer to have it removed. Does anyone have any advice, even on how to stop it sticking on in the meantime. Thanks.
  5. What's happened

    Excellent, I already follow you on both I think
  6. What's happened

    Hi, I only use the Forum on my laptop and I just find it hard to find threads sometimes in comparison to the likes of Twitter where everyone can see a 'post' then groups can be created to discuss things in further detail, just my thoughts for what its worth ... I know I can rely on Scoobiefloz on here so I dont feel totally forgotten haha I know my cars but maybe computer tech is not my speciality!
  7. What's happened

    Well Im a reasonably new member and have had some decent help (and some banter!) on here ... I didnt see it in the 'old days'. My only comment would be it could be a bit more user friendly, social media sites seem to 'flow' a bit better ... just a thought.
  8. DriveTribe

    From what I can tell (im not on it) it seems more popular with younger gamer type car fans but I could be completely wrong ! And getting old too!!
  9. Seasons Greetings

    thanks Scoobiefloz
  10. Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas and 2017 good wishes - currently without scoob for xmas as in garage due to broken coil spring. Missing it madly. On the plus side I have a new scoob tattoo
  11. Softer ride on my STI?

    Good point, well said, Mark!! Im all for the look of a lowered ride but .... keep it the way it is!
  12. Just moved from The States

    Hi & Welcome!! Lovely lookin motors
  13. Softer ride on my STI?

    Haha good one, scoobiefloz - I hadnt thought on that Yeah ... just a little! I asked my partner and he said you cant beat a good hard ride, for handling, technically speaking, of course Let us know how it all works out scoobysti
  14. Softer ride on my STI?

    Oh dear! Your wife wants it softer and doesnt like the ride?! I love the ride in my wrx just fine This is proving to be an amusing story, (sorry)! And the cushions comment made me double up !! I hope you get your ride sorted out real soon, scoobysti as an aside, my husband sometimes complains about the ride ..... he drives a hybrid!
  15. Swapped the Scoob

    Good to know! I was on holiday near Hadrians Wall and engaged light speed along a rather tasty straight which was parallel to the wall! but, unlike, the Roman chariots, I developed a hole in my exhaust system so it was an extra loud drive home Got it welded now so all good for the time being. & thanks
  16. Swapped the Scoob

    Hey!! Sorry to hear the Scoob's poorly again but just wanted to say my poor partner has to ride buses 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Yes, he drives them!! So ... it could be worse. X While Im here can I show off my new mudflaps? :))
  17. Annoying Alarm

    Hi again Don Managed to locate an auto electrician GC Auto Electrical in Roswell near Edinburgh - he came out and isolated the alarm flasher circuit (it turned out to be yellow wires) so hopefully all good now. Great guy - knew his stuff, had some nice pics of cars he'd worked on and photoed mine! So thanks ....
  18. Annoying Alarm

    Thanks so much, Don. Very helpful advice there - prob bit much for me to take on myself but good to have the details to pass on so I know how to sort this out without having to pay the earth to a dreaded 'Dealer'. I can then go and enjoy the car doing what its good at
  19. New Top Gear

    Hello all I kinda have to agree - gave it a go. I loved the (shhh I know not a scoob :D) Hoonicorn but thats been about it .... Not really worth the bother!
  20. Hey there I am looking for some advice as I am considering getting my orig spec silver wheels ( which are on my silver wrx ) refurbed. I cannot decide what to go with - should it be 1. Original silver 2. Black in gloss or matt 3. Black with silver glitter 4. Gold (!) - or is that too out there for a silver car 5. Really out there a scarlet red 6. Another option!? I would be interested to know anyones opinions on this and any combos that you have on your cars out there. Thanks folks.
  21. Newage Wheel Dilema

    Thanks Don .... that was next on my list and the info u have given me is very helpful. Thank you.
  22. Newage Wheel Dilema

    Thank you
  23. Newage Wheel Dilema

    Hello there *News Flash* I have finally got the wheels done, had a few jobs to do and some trouble finding a good place to get them done So thanks to The Wheel Specialist in Edinburgh - great job, service etc. Could show the others a thing or two‼ Its black gold ...
  24. Present from my wife

    I get the same from my husband .... 'not more money on that scoob!' I think he thinks I love it more than him - as if!