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  1. db scoob

    Do I need a new clutch...

    As far as I am aware this is pretty common in damp scoobs - mine has been doing it pretty much since I got it nearly 2 years ago and the clutch is still just fine. Only on start up then its good to go!
  2. db scoob

    Which Battery?

    good advice there
  3. Hello again - can't fault your logic there, sounds pretty plausible. Good luck. Save a bit of money where you can!
  4. Hi there - I haven't actually experienced your problem myself but I thought I'd look it up and the only thing I could find that was relevant was an item on a forum in Australia for a different car (a Holden). I'm no good with links so it is on: forums.whirlpool.net.au and it is under "VZ indicator lights on one side stay on" It seems to be a similar problem to yourself and does point to being a relay - see if it's any help. Good luck
  5. db scoob

    Brand New Sti 330S Wheels

    Ok - how about £60 a corner?!
  6. db scoob

    Front Droplinks

    Ha! very good - I like it
  7. db scoob

    Front Droplinks

    Ha! Good technical advice there Ash - nothing beats some loud tunes to cover up a fault. Or, to quote Colin McCrae "If in doubt, flat out".