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  1. Mine is around 285 too and I agree with every word here said ccrien ! worth it to avoid the 'blandmobiles' any day ...
  2. Bit late on this one but glad to see the charity chosen as my mum has dementia now and it needs all the help & investigation it can get ... terrible, awful disease. Hope I can support in some way and if it involves my scoob all the better !
  3. Hi again I went in to see the bodyshop ... and most of the guys who worked on the car came out to inspect it ! It seems I had an unusual problem. Turns out it was most likely heat from the oven that did it as it was rippled over the top & underneath the spoiler. It was added to the car and painted back in 2006 and the equivalent of taking the car out in the desert ... shit happens! I did get an apology but they reckoned it would never fix up the same again. RIP spoiler, it looks ok from certain angles and still did me proud in the Subaru parade at Knockhill recently. Still living and learning with my scoob ...
  4. Hey all I recently got my wings replaced and quarter panels welded and the paintwork done due to rust which I was completely happy with on collection of the car from a reputable bodyshop. Ive been on holiday for a week and on return washed the vehicle as I normally would ... Ive noticed the spoiler is now uneven looking on the top and underneath and am wondering if it could be the heat from the oven or something else. The spoiler had a good shiny paint surface before the other work was done. I intend to contact the bodyshop but just wondered if anyone had experienced anything like this before. Thanks
  5. Excellent, I already follow you on both I think
  6. Hi, I only use the Forum on my laptop and I just find it hard to find threads sometimes in comparison to the likes of Twitter where everyone can see a 'post' then groups can be created to discuss things in further detail, just my thoughts for what its worth ... I know I can rely on Scoobiefloz on here so I dont feel totally forgotten haha I know my cars but maybe computer tech is not my speciality!
  7. Well Im a reasonably new member and have had some decent help (and some banter!) on here ... I didnt see it in the 'old days'. My only comment would be it could be a bit more user friendly, social media sites seem to 'flow' a bit better ... just a thought.
  8. From what I can tell (im not on it) it seems more popular with younger gamer type car fans but I could be completely wrong ! And getting old too!!
  9. Merry Christmas and 2017 good wishes - currently without scoob for xmas as in garage due to broken coil spring. Missing it madly. On the plus side I have a new scoob tattoo
  10. Good point, well said, Mark!! Im all for the look of a lowered ride but .... keep it the way it is!
  11. Haha good one, scoobiefloz - I hadnt thought on that Yeah ... just a little! I asked my partner and he said you cant beat a good hard ride, for handling, technically speaking, of course Let us know how it all works out scoobysti
  12. Oh dear! Your wife wants it softer and doesnt like the ride?! I love the ride in my wrx just fine This is proving to be an amusing story, (sorry)! And the cushions comment made me double up !! I hope you get your ride sorted out real soon, scoobysti as an aside, my husband sometimes complains about the ride ..... he drives a hybrid!
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