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  1. WRX-Dan

    Modified Live 2019 @ Cadwell Park

    Put my name down +1
  2. WRX-Dan

    Used Subaru sellers

    Cheers Dave. Have u had any experience 1st hand?
  3. WRX-Dan

    Subaru coin

    £1.50 I think. Been checking my change for a year and have never gotten one.
  4. WRX-Dan

    Subaru coin

    My Mrs got me 1 for my birthday last month. It's in a safe place.
  5. Sorry if posted in the wrong place... Didn't want to put it in sales as I'm not selling. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good used Subaru dealers. - Looking for trade sellers, warranty purposes etc. (No private sellers) I know of JCT car's at Rotherham and Zi Motors. Looking for a few other for a bit more of a selection Also if anyone could help with valuation of my 55 WRX and what to expect for it in PX I would greatly appreciate it. T.I.A Dan