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  1. Hi Floz, am I to late to get a TRAX ticket ???


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    2. conrod


      Thanks I will sort it ASAP

    3. conrod


      Hi Floz, all sorted paid for rallyday and trax.

      all the best see you  there , stay flatout.

    4. ScoobieFloz


      Good Lad :thumbup:

      I cant wait


  2. Hi Floz, do you want to meet up Saturday evening when you get to newbury.

    let me know mate.         James

    1. ScoobieFloz


      Hi James, I will have to sadly decline. I will not be getting to Newbury til late so will probably have an early night ready for the early start in Sunday. Sorry.

    2. conrod


      no  probs floz, see you sunday morning for 7.30 kick off.

  3. Beaulieu

    Thanks floz, got tickets.If anyone wants to come to my place the night before for a barbecue they are more than welcome,just let me know
  4. Beaulieu

    No probs floz just let me know what time.where did you order your tickets from???
  5. New member with my 1st scooby!

    Hi, welcome to sidc. I would buy an original Subaru oil filter (black canister type). as for cambelt kit I use the GATES cambelt kit with all pulleys,cambelt and waterpump. Buy a good quality oil one with triple ester like millers oil.I have a bugeye converted to full sti spec.
  6. Beaulieu

    Thanks floz, let me know and we can meet up and cruise down down together. maybe chievley services on the A34???
  7. Beaulieu

    Is the trip to beaulieu still on. I was thinking of a run down there anyway.Is anyone else going???
  8. Mot Result

    Scooby passed its mot no problems,happy days.
  9. Intercooler Cleaning?

    Hi floz, I use brake parts cleaner. You can buy it from a good motor factors in 5L cans.Its a good cleaner and evaporates after you poor it out.
  10. Coolant smoking!

    Hi db scoob, I had the same problem back in the summer,I found a small leak from a water pipe coming off the filler tank,It caused a lot of steam which looked like smoke and the burning smell was the antifreeze dripping onto the hot engine.I replaced the small hose and clips and all has been well.Dont use rad-weld it gums up the tiny waterways in the engine block.Its better to get the problem sorted properly.Good luck fixing it.CONROD
  11. paul walker tribute meet

    Very good meet,must have been over 200 cars turned up dispite the bad weather.
  12. paul walker tribute meet

    what a great picture,thanks for that db scoob I will print that off.Paul with a Scooby as well.
  13. paul walker tribute meet

    Thanks db scoob . 2min silence at 7 for Paul Walker, thanks again
  14. I know this is short notice, but if anyone is interested there is meet at new greenham buisines park newbury Berkshire in memory of Paul Walker of fast and furious fame.There will be trade stands ect and cars from the films.Its a free event organised by local car club west Berkshire cruisers.Start time is 5pm on Saturday 28th November 2015